The Sensational Vazhachal Waterfalls In Kerala

Waterfalls, backwaters, beaches and canals are the prestigious natural assets of the state of Kerala. Their magnificence has been enticing tourists from all over India and abroad. Vazhachal Waterfalls proudly occupy a significant place among the state’s prominent sightseeing spots. Its ethereal charm coupled with its mesmerizing flora and fauna are a delight for the travellers.

Vazhachal Falls
Photo of ‘Vazhachal Falls’ by Thangaraj Kumaravel under CC BY 2.0

The Beauty of the Waterfalls

Sprawling from a sloping height of 300 feet, the waterfalls create a mystic view in the entire surroundings. The lush green dense forests and the rocky cliffs further enhance the beauty of the falls. The waters splash on the ground to form a glittering pool of water. It’s an exciting feeling to walk over the water stream and enjoy the essence of the falls. Sitting and relaxing at the foothills of the falls is pristine and heavenly.

The watery mists of the gushing falls encircles the mind and the body in peace. Serenity is at its peak at the vicinity of the Falls. Photographers can spend a joyful time clicking some exclusive pictures of the stunning beauty. It is a wondrous view to watch the whitish waters cascading across the mountain slopes.

Interesting Facts

Vazhachal is one of the popular tourist destinations of Kerala and one of the largest waterfalls too. The falls originate from the waters of the river Chalakudy and descends down the slopes of the Sholayar hills.

Two amusement water parks, the Silver Storm and the Dream World are present within its premises. The State forest department has invested in cultivating different herbs and spices in the surrounding forest area.

A Favourite Picnic Spot

The magical combo of the dense forests and the spluttering water streams have transformed the place into a favourite picnic spot for the locals and the tourists. You can spend a day full of fun and entertainment along with your family and friends.

The falls are an ideal place to read a book or unwind your thoughts and ideas. The tranquillity prevailing in this place is unparalleled. You can devote hours at this spectacular location, refreshing your mind from the tensions and anxieties. The chirping of the birds, the sound of the falls, and the shrills of the insects unleash a mysterious feeling in the adjacent areas. You will be easily teleported into a dreamland, marked with Mother Nature’s exclusive gifts.

How can you spend your time at the Waterfalls?

If you are a lover of nature, you can spend a splendid time near the Falls. Take a stroll across the forest trails witnessing the sensational flora and fauna. Watch the butterflies dancing across the wild colourful flowers. Enjoy the birds flying past over the waters and disappear into the bright blue sky. Spot the animals roaming around leisurely in their natural habitat.

Breathe in the fresh pure air and rejuvenate yourself. Immerse your heart and mind into the surreal calmness around. Play with the waters and feel the cool touch. Entertain your soul with the balmy soothing breeze, brushing you with its sheer purity.

Do not forget to click some exotic pictures of the amazing beauty. Create memories to take back with you after the vacation. Relax and watch the stunning sunset as the golden rays spread their hue across the sky. Appreciate the gleaming reflections of the setting sun on the stream waters.

Some tips for the enthusiastic travellers

  • Wear comfortable and sturdy shoes and clothes for the journey as you will need to traverse through rocky terrains
  • Carry water and food as needed since there is a dearth of food stalls at the location
  • Never litter as it’s our responsibility to protect and preserve our natural heritage
  • Watch your steps while walking across the waters
  • Never attempt to swim or bath

The best time to visit the falls is during the winters and the monsoons. The weather is pleasant and comfortable with the waters present in full swing. You can enjoy the gushing flow of the falls along with the mystical greenery around. The birds flock in large numbers near the water stream.

Commuting to the place is easy and convenient. You can either board a train and reach the Chalakudy railway station or take a flight to reach the Kochi airport. Buses and cars are available in abundance for the tourists.

Featured Photo of ‘Vazhachal Waterfalls’ by Joseph JoyC under CC BY 2.0

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