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The Ridge Road In Shimla, An Epic Place To Relish

If you have never been fascinated with the beauty of India, especially North India, then The Ridge Road is one of the best places to visit and witness the beauty of nature at its best. Here is all that you should know about the Ridge Road and how you can visit here without any hassle.

The Ridge Road- An Epic Place To Relish

Not everyone can enjoy the beauty of the Ridge Road for sure. Why? Because of the unbeatable weather challenges making the stay difficult for those who cannot tolerate snow or rain for long. The Ridge Road is one of the finest places located in the center of Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, North India. Shimla- The capital of Himachal Pradesh is quite easily accessible, through different transportation mediums including- railway, road, and by air.

In actual, The Ridge Road is more like a bridge which starts from east of Mall Road and finally ends up at Scandal Point which is almost on the west of Shimla. There is Lakkar Bazaar ‘Wooden market,’ where you can find out different showpieces and other lovely gift items making this market even more special for the tourists to shop in. This is one of the reasons why Shimla is no less than the best shopper’s place. However, throughout the winter times, it is quite hard to be there for long but then a lot of tourists prefer winter season only because of its beauty and snowfall.

There is no doubt, a large number of people you know or maybe you must have gone to the Ridge Road many times but quite rare people know that underneath the Ridge Road, there is a huge water tanker that stores more than 1000000 gallons of water for the British ear tourist town. This is no less than a world-widely recognized record in itself. Solely, the Ridge Road saves enough water for the entire town. And in recent times, it has been declared as the main source of water supply for the overall Shimla.

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Apart from a quite popular market, there is a neo-Gothic Church which has been established in the year of 1844 and still gathers a lot of attention. In order to make the Ridge Road better than ever before, there are noteworthy statues of popular leaders of Indian history including- Indira Gandhi, Mahatma Gandhi and Dr. Y.S. Parmar (the first CM (Chief Minister) of Himachal Pradesh).

Almost a decade ago, the entire Ridge Road was covered with dense forest and wild bushes making the road look scary but now things have changed and the bushes have been replaced with Himalayan Oak and pines.

The bottom line-

This blog speaks about the world widely recognized Ridge Road which is no less than a great attraction of center for everyone living all around this place. There are a number of things to do, numerous special goodies and gifts making this place even more beneficial for the natives, with the intent of business expansion.

Featured Photo of ‘View from The Mall, Shimla’ by Bharat Justa under CC BY 2.0

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