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The Oldest Toy Shop In India Ram Chander And Sons

Toys are light by all especially the children. In our childhood days, toys have a lot of memories and emotions regarding our lives. Whenever as a child we see a toy shop we start imagining ourselves with those toys. Here we are going to tell the story of the oldest toy shop in our country who was the pioneer of the toys. Currently, the fourth and fifth generation of Ram Chander is running the shop and they are the best in their job till now after so many advances in technologies of toys.

History of Ram Chander and Sons Toy Shop

Ram Chander toy shop started their journey in Ambala cantonment and then they set up their toy shop in the famous Connaught place in 1935. D is continuing to trade in in the toys for children as well as for adults. The shop has a lot of toy boxes in stacks which is like a dream for any child or a toy collector. Raj Sunder who was a Marwari migrant from Rajasthan started this shop in 1890. Then they opened another shop in Kasauli after that. Finally, in 1930 they started the shop of Connaught place and continued to run this one till now.

What’s Special?

They also do the shipping all over the world since there earlier days and currently, they deliver to almost 54 countries all total and also have an online toy shop. You will find all types of toys in this place starting from the electric train sets to remote control cars. Whatever you can imagine in your world you will get the time version of it in Ram Chander Toy Shop. They are continuing the heritage of selling toys as the token of happiness to all the people and also if someone does not have any idea about what he/she wants then they also suggest some toys which can draw their attention. In this shop, you will get the toys starting from 3000 rupees 2 lacs of rupees and that is why the toy collectors recommend this place to get the exact material you are searching.

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After the starting of this toy store, so many things have changed surrounded it including the multiplex chain in the place of age-old Odeon cinema. But Ram Chander and Sons Toy Shop remained at its place. Some so many famous people bought toys from the shop including Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. Sonia Gandhi also came to this shop to buy a Christmas tree for herself. So it is kind of a place where the heritage of The Toy story of India is there. Currently, they sell Sony PlayStations and flying aeroplanes and telescopes too. They also have toys for the class 4 level employees starting from only a hundred rupees which is a dream for some layers of the society. The unique thing about this shop is they have continued their journey with a bit of messy design inside of the shop because children are more prone to messy places than organised ones. And that is why they didn’t stop to charm the children out there with their stocks.

So we can say that this is a place of dream for any person because all of us have a small child inside our mind and that is why we love to cultivate that child with dolls and toys. And Ram Chander and Sons Toy Shop has taken up the responsibility of making all the dreams come true for children as well as adults for a long time now.

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