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The Monsoon Palace Of Udaipur

Rajasthan has a cluster of beautiful palaces which have attracted tourists from all over the world because of their grand architectural designs. There are a few palaces which are a wonderful place to visit due to its location. Remember the palace of Kamal Khan shown in the famous bond film, Octopussy? Yes, that is the Sajjan Garh Palace of Rajasthan, which is popularly known as the Monsoon Palace and is a beautiful residential abode located on the top of a hill in Udaipur.

This palace was actually aimed to be built as a 5 storeyed astronomical center and place to view Chittorgarh, the ancestral home of Maharana Sajjan Singh. Maharana Sajjan Singh, king of Mewar Dynasty started its construction but he passed away unfortunately at a very young age before he could complete it. History states he was a ruler with a progressive vision and has developed his kingdom’s roadways, water supplies and took a special interest in preserving architectural heritage.  He was very passionate about building this palace. After his death, the following King, Maharana Fateh Singh completed the palace and used it to view the monsoon clouds, enjoy the rainy season and also a hunting lodge. He named it Sajjan Garh as an honor to the previous Maharana.

Built at a height of 944m above the sea level, this palace sits on the Bansdara peak of the Aravalli hills. It overlooks Lake Pichola, which is about 1100 feet down from the palace. This beautiful monsoon palace is built in white marble and has leaves and flower motifs engraved in its pillars and towers. The domes, jharokhas, and fountains typically reflect an architectural design found in the palaces of Rajasthan. Quite a number of rooms and chambers are present in the palace. The Monsoon palace also has a rainwater harvesting technique.

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Monsoon Palace photo
panorama of lake pichola, udaipur by nevil zaveri  under CC BY 2.0

It offers a great view of the miles ahead and of amazing sunsets. At night, the palace absolutely magical from afar when it is illuminated.

Presently,  it is managed by the Forest Department of the Rajasthan Government.

How to reach:

The Monsoon Palace is only 5 km from the city of Udaipur. Taxis are readily available from there.


This place is open for visitors every day from 9 a.m. till 6 p.m.

Entry fee:

Entry fee is INR 10 for an Indian and varies if you are traveling by car or auto rickshaw.

Best time to visit:

It is a given fact by the name that monsoon is the best time to visit. However, you may visit during the winters too and enjoy the view. Summers in these regions have a high temperature so it is not advisable for a visit during that time.

Places to visit nearby:

One may have a tour of the Sajjangarh Wildlife sanctuary which is located around this palace.

Featured Photo: Monsoon Palace – Udaipur by dizznan under CC BY-SA 2.0

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