The Longest Bus Route Between Kolkata And London – A Proud Heritage

The moment we think of a tour from Kolkata to London, we start hovering on the internet for the best airlines deals. But you will be amazed to know that in the yesteryears there existed a bus route between these two prominent metro cities. Considered the longest bus route in the World, it is believed a total of 15 trips were accomplished.

The Cherished History of the Bus Route

A British Traveller, Andy Stewart, had bought the bus coaches way back in 1968. He was pursuing his professional career in Sydney and planned to relocate to London. It is when the idea of embarking into a bus tour reflected in his mind. He fulfilled his ambitious idea of crossing thousands and thousands of kilometres spanning across multiple countries.

He eventually launched the London and Kolkata bus tour under the flagship of Albert Tours. The bus was proudly commuted in the route with the name of Albert. It traversed through Pakistan, Afghanistan, Turkey, Iran, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia, Germany, Austria and Belgium.

The Prestigious Route

A detailed itinerary was published by Albert Tours for the passengers availing the route. It included lavish luxurious facilities, entertaining the guests throughout the journey. The tour crossed almost 150 cross country borders, moving across the roads with pride and delight. People from different countries welcomed the bus without any concerns for security.

A total of approximately 49 days were required for the one-way trip. A massive one but filled with amazing sight-seeing opportunities and innumerable refreshments and enjoyments at the bus decks. The bus fare varied between 85 to 145 GBP, an expensive one in those days. Hence it was only affordable by rich men and royals.

The Exclusive Facilities

Luxury was offered in sumptuous amount in the bus. Parties were organized with food and music at the various sightseeing spots. The bus had a kitchen to serve delicious foods and drinks to the guests. The lower deck had a salon and lounge for reading and relaxing. The upper deck had an observation deck to sit and enjoy the magnificent views.

The bus had heating arrangements for warmth and comfort. It had elaborate decors with sleeping bunks for each of the guests. There were vividly coloured intricately designed curtains adorning the interiors. The floors of the bus were spread with carpets for a comfortable walk on the alleys.

The Sight-seeing Experience

Various prominent tourist spots of India were covered by the bus. The key among them being the sensational Taj Mahal, the monument proclaiming the glorious history of the Mughals. Banaras on the Ganges was the next most popular sightseeing spots offered by Albert Tours. The tourists were fortunate to spend some time shopping in the famous markets of New Delhi. The bus provided the majestic view of Raj Path in Delhi. The passengers can also observe the famous Peacock Throne.

The last destination was Kolkata, the land of the Ganges and historical magnificence. It was a fabulous experience to enthral the minds and soul of the passengers through exotic tourist destinations of the world and India. It is a symbolic proof of the importance of ancient India and the luxuries it could afford in those times. The fact that India was considered as one of the preferred spots of the Albert Tours itinerary speaks the country’s significant esteem in the world.

An Astonishing Extravaganza

In this modern era, we can seldom think of hip-hopping between Kolkata and London in a bus, being miles apart. Yet Albert Tours had successfully achieved the impossible in the days when technology was not so advanced. It proves that if there is zeal and sheer brilliance, achievement knocks at your door.

It is a prestigious moment for Indians to discover the country being part of the World’s Longest bus route. It uplifts the prestige of India higher up in the international world. Such was the essence of our country, that its famous historic destinations had been considered in the tour itinerary. The culture, traditions, historical heritage and natural phenomenon once again earned a successful rank in the world.

The bus route is an epitome of India’s glory in the past. It is important to learn about the amazing stories and spread across the young generations, the pillars of India and the future of our country.

Featured Photo of ‘London Routemaster & GMPTE Bus Stop’ by Mikey under CC BY 2.0

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