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The Buddhist Pagoda In Eden Gardens

Most Indians and also most of the world are aware of Eden Gardens as it is a great Cricket Stadium and an infinite number of historical incidents are associated with this pitch. But apart from the stadium, Eden gardens also has lush gardens and lakes which makes it a wonderful place to have a leisurely stroll and view the beauty of nature. We seem to ignore the parks to which the place owes its name. The Buddhist pagoda or more popularly called the Burmese pagoda was placed in the Eden gardens about 150 years ago and was brought from Burma (now known as Myanmar).

The pagoda stands on a green strip of land and more or less about 80 percent of it is surrounded by a lake. The beautiful woodwork was designed by Ma Kin of Prome, around 1852. On a visitation to Prome of Burma, in 1853, Lord Dalhousie admired the structure and wished it to be brought to Kolkata (then Calcutta). The Pagoda was then shipped to the country in 1854. After 3 months of work by Burmese artisans, it was erected again in Eden Gardens in 1856.

This pagoda has a tiered Buddhist Shrine, formerly called Tazaung, in which the tiers shortens as it rises and has a spire on top. Various characters from mythology such as animals and birds are delicately curved on the woods.

A magnificent image of Lord Buddha is inside the pagoda. The deity has a jewel-encrusted forehead.

In earlier times the Buddhist pagoda was a yellow and red colored structure. It is under renovation and once work is completed this place should be once again in the chart of major attractions of Kolkata.

Eden Gardens is easily accessible via buses and cabs in Kolkata. Major Railway junctions are just 20 minutes away from this place.

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Featured Photo of Eden Gardens by Chippu Abraham under CC BY-SA 2.0

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