The Beautiful Perantapalli Village Near Godavari River

Perantapalli village is situated near of the Godavari River. Here a Ramakrishna muni Vatika ashram is there. And so many people visit this place to go to this ashram. Also, veereswara Swamy temple is there which is the major God worshipped in this area. It is a nearby village of papikondalu and whoever comes to papikondalu generally visit this village for sure because of its natural beauty and wonderful landscape. Papikondalu is itself a very beautiful place with a long mountain range with three hills in total and the range looks like a woman’s hair which is itself a very unique nature of this place.

This village also has tribal people staying there majorly do agriculture and fishing as a profession but also, they are very good at handicrafts making. They make quite interesting looking flowers as the handicrafts which are really beautiful in nature and you can buy them from that place and use them in your home decoration for sure. You can get to this place only by boat from the nearby township aliens and you should avoid going to this area at the time of monsoon. But post-monsoon is very beautiful here and that is the best time to visit this place.

Papikondalu is a beautiful place with tropical rainforest here and that rainforest is recently announced as a national park in 2008 for the convenience of the wild animals present there. A wonderful waterfall Munivaatam is there where you can go and sit for sometimes to be in solitude. So if you want a silent and nice place where you will be able to spend some time on your own without any stress of life then this is one of the best places in Andhra Pradesh. And also it is a very nice weekend getaway for the people living in towns like Vijayawada Vizag as it is just a few kilometres away from these places.

If you are a person who loves trekking and camping then also this place is a great choice for you because there is some nice camping area amid nature where you can set up your camp and enjoy a bonfire. The trekking route is very interesting which goes into the Woods and the whole experience will be quite memorable for you. Also, you can stay in the nearby town area at night and that will be quite a safe place for everyone.

If you are planning to go to papikondalu then Perantapalli village is a must-go village because it has all the elements which are necessary for a hill station and if you are a person who loves hill stations then this will be your lifetime experience. The whole area is quite silent and also has a beauty of its own. There are also nice places to stay and eat in the time being of your visit and that is why it is not a place of inconvenience at all. So hurry up and pack your bags and have a nice holiday trip to Perantapalli village.

Featured Photo of ‘Godavari Bridges’ by Kalyan under CC BY-SA 2.0

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