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The Alagarkoil Temple And Shrine In Madurai

Madurai’s tourist prominence has been subjected to infinity, owing to its cultural offerings. Hence, people, residing somewhere near Madurai always, make sure to pay a visit to the place whenever they make time for a vacation. However, Madurai’s cultural spots are so prominent that it has always attracted newer tourists to pay a visit to the place. So, kudos to the temples and other cultural places which are located there! But what makes the Alagarkoil Temple be one of the primary spots to pay a visit to, is its religious significance. To know more about the place, keep reading on.

Why has Alagarkoil Temple Acquired Tourists’ Prominence So Much?

Not just the temple, but also the ‘Alagarkoil Temple and Shrine’ represents a major site for tourists to have a glimpse of the beauteous landscape along with the sight of the temple. The site is at 0.8 ha (or tow ac), and this religious complex has been dedicated to Vishnu, the Hindu God. The place attracts a wide range of worshippers as well as tourists each year. Upon visiting the place, you might like the Dravidian style of this particular temple. Plus, a visit to this temple would help you get a fair glimpse of the beautiful architecture dating back to the third & fourth centuries. You might also like the design implemented right to the entrance, for it comes with mesmerizing carvings of Goddesses and Gods. A guided tour to this place would help you grab the wonderful opportunity to learn some interesting things which are associated with the legends out there. You would also get the information pertaining to Alagar Kovil temple Darshan timings. As a matter of fact, the temple also holds cultural prominence owing to the six daily rituals and a number of festivals held in the place. You can also get to know about Alagar Kovil festival 2019. Overall, Alagarkoil Temple and Shrine comes into being a must-visit spot in Madurai.

A Recapitulation of Alagarkoil Temple’s Myth

If you haven’t yet visited this temple and just been mesmerized by watching beautiful Alagar Kovil photos online, then you must visit here as fast as possible. The Alagar Kovil photos are just a small example of the actual wonderful experience that you may encounter upon visiting the place. According to what the history speaks of this temple, Alagar Koyil temple associates a number of legends here. The mythology says that Lord Vishnu once appeared here for the divine marriage Goddess Meenakshi and Lord Sundareswarar. However, the marriage saw an unfortunate thing, for it was already held right before Lord Vishnu’s arrival. Due to this, Lord Vishnu turned back from the banks of River Vaigai. This temple is also the one where Lord Azhar resides. Lord Azhar is a form of Lord Vishnu. You would be able to get convenient Alagar Kovil temple Darshan timings. So, pay a visit to this temple during the Alagar Kovil festival 2019.

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Now that you know every myth associated with the temple, pay a visit to this temple to experience the cultural beauty.

Featured Photo of ‘Alagar Kovil Temple, dedicated to Vishnu, near Madurai (26)’ by Richard Mortel under CC BY 2.0

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