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The 7 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

Delhi is the capital city of India. It is a city which is known for its cultural heritage. It has many famous tourist attractions like Red Fort, Qutub Minar, Humayun’s Tomb, India Gate, Jama Masjid and Lotus Temple. However, there are a few places in Delhi which you might not hear of. In this article, I would be telling you about the haunted places in Delhi. There would always be 2 sections in the society regarding these things. One would believe while the other one would laugh it out; I leave this for you to decide. These places are considered to be very dangerous and very few daring souls have the audacity to visit these places.

The 7 Most Haunted Places In Delhi

1. Delhi Cantonment

This place happens to be the most haunted place in the city of Delhi. The story behind this place is that there used to be a lady who used to ask people for lifts to get to places, but on one occasion this practice of hers got her killed. It is said that it is the ghost of this lady which haunts the place. Imagine a middle-aged woman in a white dress asking for a lift; you ignore her request and move forward but after a mile away you can see the same woman asking for a lift yet again. What you can’t imagine has happened with people at this place.

2. House number W-3

The second place to make it to the list of haunted places in Delhi is a house which is located in Greater Kailash. I don’t ask you to enter this place because you won’t be able to; just make an effort to reach this building at having a look at the abandoned house. If it doesn’t give you scary chills then nothing will. The story behind this place is that an elderly couple was murdered inside their house; it is said that the ghost of this couple haunts this house. People who stay nearby say that they hear strange noises during the night from this place.

3. Dwarka sector IX metro station

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I don’t know for some reason metro stations are always a part of the discussion whenever we are talking about haunted places in India. Some passengers have said while they were coming to this station a woman appeared just out of nowhere in front of them and disappeared in a fraction of a second. All these incidents have happened in the night; which makes it even more dangerous. All those who have not come across the woman have admitted that they felt a different kind of energy blocking or startling them.

Jamali Kamali Tomb photo
Photo of “Rajon ki Baoli… Step well” by BOMBMAN under CC BY 2.0

4. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

This is located near the Mehrauli Archaeological Park. The tombs of saint Kamali & Jamali are located here. For all the historians this is the perfect place; a place where they can recall history. But some people have reported that they have heard voices which call out to them to come into the central dome of the tombs. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India due to the eerie feeling which people get when they visit this place.

5. Khoon Nadi

“Khoon” means blood. Imagine steam of water is named after blood. The reason why it is named Khoon Nadi is that people believe that all those who go near this particular water stream are sucked by the stream. This place is responsible for the disappearances of my souls. Initially, I found it very hard to believe in this but after searching the internet I found it very hard not to. Places like the Bermuda triangle are also infamous for such mysterious disappearances. If you think you have the guts and audacity then make sure that you don’t miss out on this place.

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6. Lothian Cemetery

Graveyards are a place which already looks very scary but what if I tell you that there is a paranormal story related to a graveyard? Will you still dare to visit the cemetery? This is a Christian burial ground located near the Kashmiri gate. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in Delhi. It is said that there was once a soldier who loved a girl dearly but the girl dejected him due to which he had committed suicide. People claim to see a headless figure near the graveyard, and they believe that it is the ghost of that particular soldier. It is said that the ghost of this particular soldier becomes prominent on few days of the year like the new moon day.

7. Khooni Darwaza

The last place that I would like to talk about in this article is the Khooni Darwaza. “Khooni Darwaza” or the bloody gate is the place at which the sons of the last Mughal emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar were executed. It is said that this place doesn’t cause any sort of disturbances to anyone but a few foreigners have had a strange experience when they have visited this place.

You may or may not believe in ghosts and haunted places. But one thing that I have learned in my life that you should never ever make fun of someone beliefs. You may or may not like it that is a separate thing altogether, but you should never disrespect someone’s feelings. So, these are the 7 most haunted places in Delhi. If you are up for an adventure then go for it!

Featured Photo of “Jamali Kamali tomb” by Varun Shiv Kapur under CC BY 2.0

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