Love Delhi – Ten reasons that will Make you Fall in Love

Delhi is a world in itself. Once you fit in it, there is no way you can escape the enchantment of the country capital. Delhi is all about the little things that make it. The very essence of life in the city makes it a favourite among its inhabitants as well as among the visitors. If you are looking for more reasons to fall in love with the place, here are a few to quench your thirst and make you understand why Delhi is so close to the heart of everyone.

Capital of India: Delhi is the capital city of India and also considered as the centre or heart of the country. As a result, you can witness great diversity in the people, their lifestyle and their food habits. All major parliamentary and judiciary bodies are located in Delhi and both the President and Prime Minister of India operate the country while residing here. One can witness the Indian flag waving with pride at every place of national interest which adds to the beauty of Delhi.

History of the Place: Delhi has always been the centre of operation for the Mughal Emperors and anyone who have invaded India before or after them in order to rule the country. Though Kolkata, the City of Joy was the initial capital of India for the British Empire, it was subsequently shifted to Delhi owing to its convenience of travelling anywhere in the country with ease. Thus, Delhi boasts one of the finest specimens of architecture that include Qutub minar, Siri Fort, Tughlaqabad, Lal Quila, Raj Ghat, Jantar mantar and a never ending list of other monuments. The only question that looms at large, have you seen all of them yet?

Its own language: The people of Delhi (commonly called the Delhites) have a language of their own which is a form of cumulated Hindi, English, made-up words and indecipherable acronyms. As it is easily adaptable for anyone residing in the place for some time, its popularity has increased to the extent that even McDonald’s had to invent McAloo Tikki, a new type of veg. burger, to fit in the language and hearts of the people of the place.

Hauz Khas Village: It is the party hub of the city and ultimate destination for party loving animals. If the sound and light of Delhi have been making you thrive for celebration then Hauz Khas village is where you should be heading to. There are several rooftop restaurants to break the monotonous dining of closed setups. Although the place is a bit clumsy, the classy and full-of-variety food courts are sure to satisfy every hipster and party monger.

Sarojini Market: If you are ever stuck with your limited wardrobe, Sarojini market is at your rescue. It is the fashion street of Delhi where you can get any dress, shoe and accessory of your choice and blend with the trend, perfectly. The best thing about this place is that you can bag any outfit at one-fourth the price of what you fetch them at the sophisticated malls. It’s a sure win-win ladies! So, next time when you visit Delhi, Sarojini Market should be your first stop.

Ice-creams near India gate: Heading out for late night ice-creams and some subsequent romance? To your delight, the quest culminates at the India gate. There are a series of vendors, near the monument, who can provide you with your favourite flavours but we advise you to try what they recommend. The local flavours of Delhi are sumptuously unique from any other common ice-cream flavour and are a delight for dessert lovers

Roadside Dhabas: The long and romantic drives in and around Delhi never get old and you just need to rent a local car to feel the magic of such outings. However, all these would feel even better when you two are in full stomach. In order to aide your journey, we present you with Delhi’s pride, the Roadside Dhabas, locally hailed as Kake da Dhaba. These roadside food stops are not only saviours at the time of hunger but also serve freshly prepared hot and delicious food that have a distinctive aroma different from what you get to eat in the city’s restaurants.

Winter celebrations: The beauty of Delhi is quite different at the time of summer and if you have visited the place then, you haven’t missed quite a lot of fun except the mesmerizing winter celebrations. Although the spine-chilling wind, prevailing at the place during winters, give you the coldest shivering of your life, dressing in boots and leather jackets and going out into the fun-loving crowd gives you a high. The tea stalls near your vicinity or your hotel are the best things in Delhi during winter along with the Christmas and New Year parties that take place everywhere in the city. Winter is all about being cosy, and in Delhi the definition is surely re-defined.

Delhi Metro: Once you are done incorporating the essence of the city, it’s time to enjoy the ride of the Delhi Metro services. If you are residing at the place, you are well aware of the fact that Delhi Metro is convenient, cheap, clean and very well connected. With the stations beautifully designed, Delhi metro is at your rescue if you don’t own a car or want to avoid the busy traffic.

The small things: Delhi is huge and what it has to offer is mightier but all these big boastful things are supported by several tiny elements that adds up to their beauty. Be it the Old spice market which is also the largest spice market in Asia or the Parantha Street where you get to have delicious variations of Paranthas. The hues, flavours and everything about Delhi is so friendly that anyone would fall in love with the city.

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