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Ten Impeccable Gujarati Food Dishes For Every Food Lover

Top Vegetarian Gujarati Food Dishes to Satisfy Everyone

The Gujarati Cuisine is typically called the ‘Guajarati Thali’ which is a wholesome diet consisting of roti, dal, curry, green veggies and roughage. Despite being present on the vast western coastline of the country, the Gujarati food is primarily vegetarian. However, there are families that consume meat and fish as well but in this article, we shall only deal with the 10 most loved Gujarati food dishes that completely consist of vegetarian items.

Depending on the region, Gujarati dishes have a unique taste of flavour. The state of Gujarat comprises mainly of four regions namely North Gujarat, Kathiawad, Kachchh and Surti Gujarat and their cuisines show great diversity accordingly. But as all of these preparations are basically vegetarian, there isn’t much difference in showcasing. The main essence of Gujarati food dishes lies in the creative use of vegetables and mild spices and the effort is thus given in preparation than in garnishing. It shouldn’t be overlooked that sweet dominates most Gujarati food dishes. The ten impeccable Gujarati dishes that we were talking about are listed below. If you are an ardent lover of food, try all of these when you visit Gujarat.

Khandvi: Love to have Swiss rolls? Well Gujarat has its own version of the popularly beloved Swiss roll and the locals call it Khandvi. It is a Gujarati snack which is made up of gram flour mixed with milk butter along with a heart warming stuffing of crushed coconut, mustard seed and curry leaves. Khandvi is perhaps the easiest of all Gujarati dishes with the whole cooking process taking less than an half an hour. You can even enjoy the innumerable variations of this dish that is more commonly prepared in street food stalls.

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Gujarati Samosa: Gujarati Samosa is also a snack that is prepared to accompany the tea time sessions. It has a hard and crispy flour coat with chunky fillings of mashed potato and peas. It is sautéed with sugar and lime juice and is often paired with various sorts of chutney or dipping in order to enhance its taste. Though Samosa is a common snack of most Indian states, the Gujarati Samosa distinguishes from other contenders in the list, being sweet as well as spicy at the same time.

Undhiyu: Considered as a classic Gujarati dish, Undhiyu is basically a side dish which mainly includes root vegetables, raw banana, eggplant and fenugreek fritters. Comprising mainly of winter vegetables, the dish is slightly spicy which makes it even more mouth-watering. While you can witness Undhiyu being cooked in earthen pots that too underground in villages of Gujarat, the city dwellers prepare it in pressure cooker. This veg dish along with roti and jalebi is the ultimate dish for Uttarayan or Makar sankranti.

Handvo: Like Undhiyu, Handvo is a popular dish in Gujarat and is one of the local favourites. This steamy pan-baked cake is made up of dal, rice and bottle gourd and is packed with enormous nutritional value. Tempered with mustard, sesame seed and peanuts, Handvo is simple, healthy and at the same time, utterly delicious. Don’t even think of skipping it when you visit Gujarat.

Surti Locho: Surti Locho is a very popular Gujarati dish especially belonging to the Surat region. It is made up of a mixture of ground lentils and beaten flat rice. Green chillies and turmeric powder accompany the mixture after it is grinded. Steamed in a pressure cooker for less than an half an hour, Surti Locho tastes best when served with lemon juice, chutney, chopped onion and bhujia.

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Dhokla: No matter in which region of India you reside, you must be familiar with this popular dish that is sumptuously called Dhokla. However, tasting it in its very place of origin is a complete different thing as you get to know the true essence of this beloved dish rather than consuming its regional versions. Dhokla or Khaman Dhokla, as it is called locally, is a steamed snack prepared from fermented pulses and rice mixture, and tempered with curry leaves and mustard seeds. The Gujarati Dhokla is a bit spongier than the usual regional Dhoklas and additionally uses cumin and sesame seeds for tempering.

Thepla: This much relished Gujarati dish is basically a fenugreek Parantha combined with garlic, sesame seeds and spices. However, unlike normal Paranthas, Thepla requires a more balanced combination of the ingredients in order to properly boast its spicy flavour and colour. It is considered as an ideal breakfast when served with a steaming cup of ginger tea. Also, Theplas are great as staple food for journeys as they can be preserved for long time to aid the course of the journey.

Muthia: Muthia or Doodhi Muthia is the Indian version of the veg sausage with a distinct Gujarati aroma dominating its taste. In Gujarat, Muthia is prepared either by steaming, frying or baking a mixture of fenugreek leaves, chick pea flour, whole wheat flour and bottle gourd. Chillies, salt, sugar and lemon juice accompany the preparation as per taste and finally, the dish is served along with some tomato ketchup that makes it a great contender of anyone’s lunch box.

Fafda: If you love the unique essence of street foods and want to enjoy the same when you roam in Gujarat, then Fafda is your most suitable companion. This Gujarati street food is a long strip of fried dough of gram flour or chick-pea flower and can be found in innumerous food stalls at every corner. While baking soda, thymol and turmeric accompany the preparation, kadhi (gravy made of gram flour and yoghurt), fried green chillies and raw papaya chutney are used while serving.

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shrikhand photo
Shrikhand by secretlondon123 under CC BY-SA 2.0

Shrikhand: Shrikhand is the ultimate dessert of Gujarat that is only made up of sweetened Greek yoghurt combined with a pinch of saffron, powdered sugar and powdered cardamom. As Shrikhand needs no cooking, it is often garnished with chopped almonds to make it look even more elegant and is available in varied flavours. Tastes best when chilled, Shrikhand is a sure delight for every sweet lover.

Gujarati dishes are totally different from any other Indian cuisine as there preparations, cooking methods and ingredient combinations are distinct and sumptuous. So, next time you think to give your taste buds some change, do it in the Gujarati style!

Featured Photo of Khandvi by Devika_smile under CC BY-SA 2.0


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