The Beautiful And Impressive Telhar Waterfall

Telhar Waterfall is a popular waterfall that’s found in the Kaimur district in Bihar. This waterfall is on the Rohtas plateau which is in close proximity to the Durgavati River on Bhabua.

The waterfall is around 32kms from the Bhabua area and around 47km from the Mohania area. There are various attractions near the fall including the Maa Mundeshwari Temple which is located 28 kms from it. This is one of the oldest and most prominent temples in the area.

This waterfall also has a dam that’s called Karamchat Dam located near it. People who visit the waterfall should take a trip to the dam because it’s a beautiful site and is very impressive.

Things To Do

The Telhar Waterfall is an attractive and amazing place to visit. It’s surrounded by amazing views on all sides and is perfect for a picnic with your family or friends. This deep spring of waterfalls is a sight worth seeing and experiencing and while there are quite a few waterfalls in Bihar, this one is a very popular one and a lot of people visit it mainly because of the view.

The waterfall ends into the Telhar Kund Lake that is situated at the bottom of the fall and is a popular spot for tourists to come and take a dip. However, the government has now stopped people from entering the water because the waterfall is quite strong at times and this could be fatal for the visitors.

How To Get To Telhar Waterfall?

There are various ways to get to Kaimur so you can visit the waterfall.

The fastest way to get there would be to by flight. The nearest airport is the Varanasi Airport, however; from there you’ll have to travel a distance of about 103 km to reach your destination.

You can also take a train to the Pusauli or Muthani railway station depending on where you’re coming from. These railway stations are about 20kms away from Kaimur.

Bihar waterfalls photo
TelharFallKaimurBihar by Bihar Images under CC BY-SA 2.0

Some of the waterfalls in Bihar hold religious significance while some are popular only for water sports and recreational activities. One of the strong points, as well as the dangers of the Telhar waterfalls and of many other waterfalls in and around Bihar, is the strong currents. These strong currents make the waterfall look amazing, however; this also proves to be a downfall for people that try to swim here.

Each of the waterfalls in Bihar has a religious or historical significance attached to them. For those interested, these places are worth visiting and it is something that the entire family can enjoy doing together. Getting to a few of these waterfalls may be difficult, however; the trip is worth the effort that you put in.

Featured Photo:Talakona Waterfall, Chittoor by VinothChandar under CC BY 2.0

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