Tattapani, The Village With Hot Water Springs

If you have seen the pictures of hot water springs, you know how they amazing they look. Placed in some of the coldest places on earth, there is a permanent hot water bath running! That is nothing short of a miracle. Tattapani in Himachal Pradesh is one such miracle you have to see with your own eyes.

Are you an avid traveler? Do you seek to explore the unknown? Does hiking up a challenging trail to catch the sunrise thrill you? Or is it the joy of walking in lush, green forests that you crave? Life is so stressful, monotonous and busy that we all need a break. Whether it is lazing by the beach or being an active adventurer, a part of us always longs to wander. Luckily, you have a plethora of options in India. There is something for even the most fussiest of travelers! If it is sunny beaches and blissful ocean views you desire, head to Goa or Kerala or Pondicherry. These states are packed with tourists sunning themselves up on a sandy stretch of beach and taking cool dips in the ocean. For the hikers and daredevils, look no further than North India. The region has the daunting Himalayas with Himachal Pradesh being the perfect pit stop for everyone. Or take a trip to Rajasthan to be entranced by majestic Havelis of an era gone by. We have very detailed and specific posts that will answer all your queries so head on there if you are interested.

If it is Himachal Pradesh you choose then make sure to add Tattapani to your itinerary. Before you ask us what it is, let us explain. Shimla is one of the busiest and most popular cities in Himachal Pradesh. Thanks to tourism, it has grown commercially and financially. The city is now a hodge podge of colorful houses on small lanes right next to fancy hotels and restaurants. Tourists can enjoy the weather sitting in any of the open cafes dotting the market. Because of its location, Shimla can experience difficult weather conditions. Winters can get chilly and cold so avoid visiting it during the months of December- February. Flights, buses and trains are available to Shimla from all major cities of the country. Tattapani is about 45 kilometers away from Shimla. Local buses or taxis will take you the village named after the hot water springs.

Shimla photo
“Photo of Sanjauli, Shimla” by Bharat Justa under CC BY 2.0

Tattapani means ‘hot (tatta) water (pani)‘ thus ensuring everybody knows what the village is known for. There is much to do here but the hot water springs are what the tourists come for. Located on the banks of the Sutlej River, the springs are rich in sulphur. Sulphur is beneficial for our health and taking a bath in hot water with sulphur is good for us. People claim to have cured body aches, joint pains, skin diseases, rashes and infections after taking a bath here. Nobody knows if it’s true but locals believe in it. Sutlej River is one of the longest and mightiest rivers in India. Tourists and travelers can choose to go river rafting in Sutlej from Tattapani. The thrill of trying to tame these tricky rivers can be unbeatable! There are hikes, treks and trails for amateurs and advanced level trekkers and hikers to try. They provide an amazing view of the river and the forest. You can also rent bikes or cycles and ride along the river path.

Featured Photo by Free-Photos (Pixabay)

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