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Tattapani, The Hill Side Hamlet Near Shimla

Tattapani The Hill Side Hamlet Near Shimla

Guess what is the meaning of Tattapani? Well, in the local language the meaning of Tattapani is Hot Water. And this beautiful little hill side hamlet gets this name due to the presence of hot water springs. The state of Himachal Pradesh has many hot water springs, which pop up in some of the coldest rivers of this state. Few of the popular hot ware springs which have also turned tourish attractions are Vashisht, Manikaran and Tattapani.

Tattapani a very popular place which has been attracting a good amount of tourist and falls at around 51 kilometres from Shimla. It is located on the banks of the Sutlej river, at a height of 650 meters. This place is all about hilly lush greenery and landscape which is immensely beautiful. Similar to the very popular hot springs Manikaran and Vashisht, Tattapani is also a natural sulphur spring which is revitalizing and is believed to possess therapeutic powers.

Tattapani Has Therapeutic Powers

Yes, it is believed that if a person is suffering from any type of joint pains, fatigue or any kind of disease related to the skin, then Tattapani might heal it all. It is believed a dip in these hot springs can give the much-needed relief. It’s just not for the unfit people but for the perfectly fit people also, taking a bath in these hot springs can be too much fun.

Auspicious Dip At Tattapani Can Clear You Sins

Apart from being a beautiful place on the hills, Tattapani is also a very popular pilgrimage spot mainly for the Hindus. The devotees come here during the month of Magha (Jan-Feb) to take an auspicious dip in this spring. It is believed this auspicious dip can help clean one’s sins. Apart from the month of Magha, one can also take the auspicious dip on the Baisakhi day which is a major agricultural festival. Huge community baths are also conducted at Tattapani during the Republic Day, Tara Ratri and Lohri every year. You must visit the Shiva Caves which is just 3km away from Tattapani.

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Tattapani photo
Old Bridge -Tattapani H.P. by vinodbahal

Things To Do @ Tattapani

Tattapani is a small village which is spread in a very small area of about a kilometre. But despite being a tiny village it has so much to offer, tourist can try a number of activities and enjoy to the fullest. Here are few things one must see and do when at Tattapani.

1. Take a dip in the Hot Sulphur Springs

When we say Tattapani means Hot water, then it is quite obvious that the first thing that you need to check out is definitely the Hot Sulphur Spring. Covering an area of about a kilometre, these springs can be seen on the banks of the Sutlej River. These springs are immensely popular and people from all over India come to visit and take a dip in the sulphur water of this spring. It’s a Hot water spring but the temperature keeps fluctuating, it totally depends on the level of the river water.

2. Try the White river rafting at the River Sutlej

There are many springs near Shimla, but Tattapani is the only one where one can enjoy white water rafting. April to June is the peak season for rafting, which begins at the powerhouse at Chabba (18 kms from Naldehra). All you need to get started is a Dinghy, Life jacket and a Helmet, one can also hire them easily from various shops around the rafting sites.

3. Mountain Biking / cycling on the banks of River Sutlej

Don’t miss to experience cycling on the banks of then river Sutlej, it is going to be a unique and refreshing experience throughout. What can be more perfect than cycling amidst the scenic beauty of the river and the feel of a real village life? One can enjoy a 12 km cycling trek and have enjoy all the upside and downside curves in the lap of mother nature. If you are way to adventurous then get going to the higher stretch, which is known as Chindi village (Located at around 30 km from Tattapani).

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4. Revisit Childhood by Collecting stones at the Sutlej River

Almost all of us have a childhood memory of digging the sand and collecting stones and shells; at the river banks there are a variety of round and oval shaped stones available. These stones are very smooth as they have rolled down from far distant mountains. Apart from being smooth they are also very colourful and of different shape and size. Do collect some and make them a part of your collection.

Featured Photo: Tattapani Bridge-New by vinodbahal



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