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Indian food shows immense diversity when it comes to its huge variety of cuisines. Every state has something special to offer when it comes to delicious flavors. I have already taken you through many of the authentic cuisine from different states, today lets us discuss one cuisine which you definitely wouldn’t haven’t thought much of. I am talking about Bihari food. Yes, this cuisine from the north has a totally scrumptious variety which is totally beyond expectations. Here’s introducing you to some of the most authentic flavors of Bihar or may be just simply reminding you of the same. Take a look.

10 Authentic Vegetarian Flavors Of Bihar

1. Litti Chokha

I am sure you would have heard of this one. Well Litti Choka is not only famous in India, but it has gained immense popularity across the globe. The beautifully moulded litti’s are made of wheat flour along with a delicious stuffing made with besan (gram flour), onion, green chillies, ginger, garlic and some lemon and pickle. Litti is typically served with Chokha which is a massaged vegetable delight. Litti Chokha is the first preference and tops the menu of all the occasions in Bihar.

2. Thekua

Sweet in taste, there are flat, crunchy and crusty biscuits which are traditionally made during the Chhath Puja. Thekua can be called a patent dish from Bihar and Jharkhand. I totally recommend you to try this dish at least once, trust me the taste of jaggery and dates are totally scrumptious.

3. Khaja

An immensely popular snack from Bihar is Khaja. These are an absolute tea-time favourite snack item. Khaja is a beautifully shaped flour strips, which is deep-fried and further dipped in hot sugar syrup. Sounds delicious isn’t it?

4. Badi Wali Kadhi

Kadhi is made in many states of India, and each one has a different and unique taste. Made typically with gram flour, Bihari Kadhi will surely be one of the most wonderful kadhi you will ever get to taste. Unlike other Kadhis from different cuisines, Bihari Kadhi uses a lot of spices. The badi pakodas which are added to the Kadhi is totally soft and will just melt in your mouth. This is a must-have dish from Bihar.

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5. Dal Puri

Another dish that makes the Bihari’s proud is their Dal Puris. Made typically with a spiced stuffing of Channa Dal, these puris are deep fried and served along with potato curry. I am sure you would have tried stuffed parathas made from the left over dal, but you got to try these Dal Puris. These are so tasty and that you be able to stop at one.

6. Balushahi

Balushahi is one of the most popular dish from Bihar, in fact these are loved by many across the country. Balushahi is a very popular sweet of Harnaut of South Bihar. When it comes to ingredients, then these are very similar to a glazed doughnut but differs in texture and taste. Many also call these as Indian Donuts.

7. Pedakiya

I am sure you would have heard of Gujiya. Well in case you haven’t these are a very popular sweet dish made across the country during festivals. Pedakiya is form of Gujiya which has filling made of suji. This dish is compulsorily made during the Teej season.

8. Parwal ki Mithai

For all those who do not like Parwal, you have to try this. Typically made with pointed gourd or parwal as we call it. These are stuffed up with khoya. The taste of this dish is somewhat sweet and salty. These are totally healthy and tasty too.

9. Laktho \ Gudpare

Gudpare or Laktho are rice flour dough, which are fried and dipped in jiggery. These are very popular household snack item, perfect for tea time.

10. Dal Pitha

Dal Pitha are a lookalike of dumplings. This is a very delicious dish which is made with flour and filled with a delicious dal filling and steamed. I guess it is the healthiest and tasty dish on this list. Dal Pitha is served with coriander chutney and mashed potatoes, these are totally a worth try.

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So it’s time to take a break from the regular Chinese, Continental, and Mughlai menus. You have to try out these totally amazing dishes to taste the true Flavors Of Bihar. Let us know which one is your favourite as comments below.  

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