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Placed about 25 kilometres down the valley, Tapola is a beautiful satellite village of the amazing Mahabaleshwar in the state of Maharashtra. This little village practically falls at the dead end of the road. The drive to Tapola will surely be a memorable one as it is absolutely a picturesque one, as it has vistas galore on both the side of the road which mesmerizes the tourist. This rustic little small town is also immensely popular as ‘Mini Kashmir’.

Mahabaleshwar lake photoPhoto by Balaji Photography – 3,000,000 Views and Growing

Tapola Is Pollution Free

The best part about Tapola is that it has this beautiful environment which is free from pollution, hence it rejuvenates one’s senses. A number of unknown forts are located in the dense forest surrounding the lake in Tapola. Some of the names are Jaygad and Vasota. The sad part is that reaching these forts isn’t easy. But the view of the forest and forts is a treat to the eyes for sure.

Tapola: A Treat For Nature Lovers And Adventure Fanatic

A perfect spot for nature lovers at the same time offers thrilling experience to the adventure enthusiasts with its popular Jungle treks. There are many options for water sports available at Tapola, one can try swimming, scooter rides, boating and kayaking. In fact, we can say Tapola is a paradise for water sports lovers.

Go Camping @ Tapola

As we discussed Tapola is a true treat for all adventure lovers. Camping is one of the top activities one can enjoy at this place. The amazing camp sites have all the necessary requirements to make ones camping experience even more thrilling. Tourist can get their tents for their accommodation arranged along with mobile toilets. The best part is that the camping set up has a huge dining hall, so the tourist can actually enjoy homemade wonderful food.

7 Attractions Worth Adding In Your Bucket List @ Tapola

Here is my pick of 7 places which are a must visit when you travel to Tapola.

1. Shivsagar Lake

The Shivsagar Lake is the magnificent lake in this rustic little hamlet and also one of the prime attraction at Tapola. Basically this lake is the reservoir of the Koyna dam, this amazing lake is a 90-kilometer-long water body. As I told you this place is a treat for those who love water sports, hence one can enjoy Kayaking, water scooter rides and even boating. Apart from that this magnificent lake also offers a beautiful view of the nature and the murky trees, truly scenic in all senses.

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2. Vasota Fort

Vasota Fort photoPhoto by omkar_a_pendse

Tapola is immensely popular for some base camp which also have thrilling treks, this has been one of the most important reason for many visitors to visit this place. Talking about the Vasota fort, this totally off from the civilization and is located in the Koyan wildlife sanctuary. The only way to reach this fort is by boat. The permit for the Vasota trek can be taken from Bamnoli (Bamnoli is one of the entry point for the Vasota Trek). Also while you visit this magnificent fort do visit the Nageshwar temple.

3. Kas Pathar

Kas Pathar photoPhoto by Ankur P

In case you have your trip to Tapola planned between the months of August to November, then Kas pathar should be a must visit for you. Kas pathar which is also very popular as Kas plateau, is basically a valley of beautiful flowers in the state of Maharashtra. Post the monsoons passes away, this plateau actually transforms into a bed full of beautiful flowers. One can see more than 150 different varieties of flowers. Kas Lake is another spot which is perfect for picnics.

4. Pratapgad

Pratapgad photoPhoto by Ankur P

Around 40 Kilometres from Tapola lies Pratapgad, and this place is a must visit and trust me you won’t regret. Pratapgad also has historic importance as it is very popular for Shivaji’s and Afzhal Khans traditional battle fought in the year 1656. One can enjoy magnificent view of the valley from the Pratapgad upper fort. One the way to Pratapgad one can also visit many handicrafts centres and also metal craft exhibitions.

5. Carnac Point

The Carnac Point is another must visit place near Tapola. One needs to hire a taxi or a guide to visit this place. The best season to enjoy nature at the peak is during the Winter season, one can enjoy scenic beauty all around this point. The Carnac point is located on top of the mountains which is covered by clouds. Hence if you visit this place during winters you could actually feel the clouds and the fog around you.

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6. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar photoPhoto by Ankur P

To visit Tapola, you have to cross Mahabaleshwar. Mahabaleshwar is extremely popular for tis strawberries and also wonderful climate. When it comes to perfect holiday destination in the state of Maharashtra, then Mahabaleshwar is top in the list. In fact, it attracts many newlyweds, so a perfect spot to spend honeymoon. Do visit the strawberry farms here, and you will surely fall in love with this wonderful fruit. Tourist can also relish the taste of Corn pakodas, Strawberries and Mulberries topped with delicious cream.

7. Panchgani

Panchgani photoPhoto by ranavikas

Panchgani falls on the way to Tapola and Mahabaleshwar. It is a beautiful Hill Station, which is surrounded by five hills of Sahyadri. Panchgani is located around 18 Kilometres from Mahabaleshwar at 1305 meters above the sea level. This beautiful ill station will give you memories for a lifetime and also call you again and again. It has magnificent scenery, probably the main reason why people fall in love with this place.

So do visit Tapola if you are looking to spend some moments of peace. Tapola will surely rejuvenate you and refresh you from top to bottom. Apart from the calmness you can also enjoy the number of fun activities like a quick boat ride. Reaching Tapola is very easy, if you drive from Mahabaleshwar, it would take you less than an hour. While driving to Tapola you can also enjoy the panoramic views. So what are you waiting for?

Featured Photo by ramnath bhat

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Tapola: The Mini Kashmir In Maharashtra

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