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A Nature’s Delight Talakona Falls In Andhra Pradesh

The scorching sun, the unbearable heat, the sudden change in temperature, may make you feel like escaping to a place with pleasant weather conditions and breathtaking landscape. When you start finding such places, a lot of them may appear in the list. The city of Andhra Pradesh promises a lot of treks, waterfalls and other offbeat tourist destinations.

Talakona Falls located in Andhra Pradesh is a marvel of nature that helps the tourist to experiment with something new. For the nature lovers, who like to venture around to sit in the lap nature, the place is ideal.

Talakona Falls In Andhra Pradesh

talakona falls photo
Talakona Waterfall, Chittoor by VinothChandar under CC BY 2.0

Best Time to visit this place – The best time to visit this destination is between September to January.

How to reach –  The waterfall is situated in Sri Venkateswara National Park, Chittoor District of Andhra Pradesh. To reach to the destination either the traveler needs to hop through the Chittoor district or catch a train to Tirupati.

Nearest Airport- Tirupati Airport- Renigunta

Nearest Railway Station- Tirupati Railway Station, located at a distance of 65 km

Accommodation- There is various log huts and dormitory available to stay near the waterfalls and these are managed by the Forest department. The guest houses are also available on request.

The best place to find the good budget and luxurious hotels is in Tirupati.

Reasons To Visit Talakona Falls

talakona falls photo
Stream Dreams by VinothChandar under CC BY 2.0

Historical Significance- the name is derived from the feisty word Talakona which means the head of the hill. The place is believed to be the beginning point of Seshachalam hill which is further extended to Tirumala. Its unique location and picturesque backdrop make it an ideal tourist destination. Enveloped by the lush green forests, rocks, trees, extensive flora and fauna, valleys, plateaus, the destination is a perfect escape for the nature lovers. The waterfall further adds to the serenity of this place.

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Healing properties- The cascading waterfalls are not only filled with the natural beauty but is also well known for offering healing properties.

Activities to do-If anyone is searching for a destination that offers a rich landscape, then we recommend you to visit this place. Here, the visitors can indulge in various activities like boating, swimming, bathing, etc. Located at a height of 270m, this perennial waterfall may remind you of nature’s glory. The waterfall is situated at Nerabailu village of Yerravaripalem Mandel.

A bucketful of tourist attractions- Apart from cascading waterfalls, there are several tourist destinations that enchant like wild life sanctuaries, temples for the religious soul, deer park, Chankra Theertham Kalyani Dam, jungle safari, etc.

Visual feast- the waterfalls offer a visual feast to our eyes. Enriched with rich flora and fauna, the place is an unbelievable destination that gives an enriching experience to the nature lovers. People from all walks of life come here to see the natural beauty at its best. The serenity of this place cannot be described in words. Located at a high altitude, this waterfall is counted among the best waterfalls of India.

Warning- Trekking to the rock can be slippery, so be very cautious as you may have a chance to slip.

Located near to the metro cities– Another reason why this waterfall is frequented by the tourists is because it is located near to the metro cities like Bangalore, which is situated 58 kms from Tirupathi, from Mumbai, from Bangalore, approx. 250 km and from Chennai 220 kms.


The destination is filled with the natural beauty and if you are adventure buff, you cannot miss this destination. The abundance of tourist destinations, villages, smiling people make it a perfect place.  Definitely, the visit to this place will make you experience the surreal landscape decked with nature’s glory.

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Featured Photo: Stream Dreams | Talakona by VinothChandar under CC BY 2.0

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