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Sundarbans: Unknown Yet Amazing

If you are an adventure lover, then it’s time for you to pack your bag and head towards yet another amazing adventurous trip. Thinking where? Amidst the Royal Bengal Tigers, amidst deep dense forests, amidst deadliest reptiles and some of the most beautiful brackish waters! I am sure it is sounding a bit too creepy, but it truly isn’t.

Sundarbans photo
Sundarbans Sunset by sayamindu

Sundarbans The Unknown Yet Amazing Forest In India

Well let me reveal the suspense, I am talking about Sundarbans, in case you do not know much about this place here I have for you some really amazing facts about this place which makes it a perfect adventure spot. Check them out.

1. Sundarban has the largest Mangrove Forest

It is the largest Mangrove forest in the world, which is shared between the countries of India and Bangladesh. About 40% of the area falls into the Indian region and 60% in the Bangladesh region.

2. Indian side of Sundarban consists of 102 islands

This is another shocking fact about the Sundarbans, the total area of Sundarbans which falls in the Indian region is 4000 sq. kms and it consist of 102 islands. This is 16 less when compared to the city of Venice. Out of the 102 islands, only 54 of them have people living on them rest is all forest.

3. Transportation cost is 6 Rupees per Boat Ride

The main mode to commute in Sundarban is through the waterways. You will be surprised to know that it is very cheap, can you imagine that the average cost of 2-hour boat ride is just 6 rupees. If we compare the cost to travel from one island to another in Venice, then you can actually travel around 50 islands continuously for four days in Sundarbans in the same cost.

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4. Wildlife safari by ferries and boats

Wildlife safari in the Indian region of Sundarbans is done by ferries and boats. However, on the Bangladesh side of Sundarbans, one can walk around the reserve forests on wildlife safari.

royal bengal tiger photo
Tiger by Koshyk

5. Highest number of Royal Bengal Tigers

Sunderban Tiger Reserve has the highest number of Royal Bengal tigers in the world. So you can expect to see many of them when roaming around the dense evergreen delta-forests.

6. Named after a mangrove tree called “Sundari”

Another interesting fact about the Sundarbans is that it was named after a mangrove tree called “Sundari” which essentially means beautiful. Well we don’t have a doubt in saying that Sundarban is simply a nature’s own land immensely beautiful.

7. Gosaba the biggest and the last inhabited island on Indian Sundarbans

If we consider the Indian part of the Sundarbans, then Gosaba is the biggest and a last inhabited island from where that huge dense forest actually starts. Another important fact about this island is, that it is quite a well settled island with its own local self-governance, government officials, schools, Panchayats, hospitals etc.

8. Unique Tidal Phenomenon

Another unique and amazing fact about the Sundarbans is that it experiences Low tides and High Tides twice in a day. One can see the huge mud land area lying flat during the low tides, and also experience the water level rise around 6-10 feet during the High Tide. You can also explore wildlife, during the high tides as that is the most appropriate time for boats to get into the forest to search wild animals.

9. Phytoplanktons makes the dark nights’ shine

One can see Phytoplanktons on a new moon night or on a night safari. But what are these phytoplanktons? these are micro-organisms which reflect light in the dark. These are amazing and a must watch.

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10. Population Density is three times as much as India

Despite of being not so much easily accessible, surprisingly the population density of Sundarban has three times as much as population density in India.

11. The Widow Village

Isn’t that a really bizarre name? Well its true a village in Sundarban is actually called Widow Village. The reason behind such a weird name tigers, as there are many families whose member was attacked by the tigers.

12. India’s largest Fishery board

Sundarban is an important and distinctive natural resource endowment, it is famous for its salty water fish production. The development board of Sundarban is conducting a Fishery project, which will cover an area of 50 hectares.

Sundarban is a depot of adventurers, so if you love travelling through the dense forests amidst wild animals and wild nature surrounding you, then Sundarbans is definitely calling you.

Featured Photo of Sundarban by Kingshuk Mondal



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