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The Beautiful Summer Hills In Shimla

The entire world knows, Shimla is completely made according to the British architecture which simply makes it look totally different from the rest of India in many ways. Right from the lavish buildings to well-planned market of Shimla, everything there is mesmerizing and you can never get enough of it, especially on your first tour for sure. On top of this, the summer hill is the best thing to .

Summer Hill Railway Station
Photo of ‘Summer Hill Railway Station’ by Bharat Justa under CC BY 2.0

It is at a sky touching heights of two thousand one hundred and twenty three meters. If you have to ask where exactly it is then you have to travel 5 km to the west of the Ridge Road in Shimla. Most of the native people out there, call it a 7-hill cluster making the place look even beautiful. If you have to relish this place at its best, it is best to visit Summer Hills or any other spot in the night-time. Although the winter nights are going to be a bit harsh or say freezing at the same time, it is a never forgetting experience to roam here in the night.

In the history, approximately before the independence years, Summer Hills was no less than a home for Mahatma Gandhi. Way back then at Mahatma Gandhi enjoyed staying at the Georgian Mansion while he was on a tour to Shimla. This mansion belonged to Rajkumari Amrit Kaur, who was a popular personality of those times in Shimla.

It may excite you to know that for some people, Summer Hill was Potter’s Hill. Yes, you read that right. Even at present, a high majority of people call it Potter’s Hall due to the deodar and pines deodar laden beautiful slopes which has covered the entire road beautifully. Apart from this, a family of a notable painter named Amrita Shergil had lived there for a long time, and this one reason made it named as potter’s hall till date.    

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At present, there is an education institute named as Indian Institute of Advanced Study which was established in the year 1965. It offers a number of graduate and post-graduate courses of different streams including- commerce, science, humanities, law, languages, and management.

Here is a string of places or popular spots to visit when you are planning to visit the summer hills in Shimla. The tour starts with Indian Institute of Advanced Study, Viceregal Lodge, Dhilon Pond, Annandale Ground, Himalaya Rides, Kamna Devi Temple, Gaiety Heritage Cultural Complex, The Glen, Shimla-Kalka Railway, Shimla Heritage Walk, Shimla Rider Motor Bike Ride, Kali Bari Temple, Manorville Mansion Shimla, The Ridge Road, Annandale Army Heritage Museum, St. Andrew’s Church, Prantika and much more.

The bottom line-

This blog is all about the summer hill located in the capital of Himachal Pradesh- Shimla. This place has been a great center of attraction for people who love to travel to maximum places within a minimal time frame. In order to relish this place in the best possible way, it is good to accompany with a guide or professional who is familiar with the place properly.

Featured Photo of ‘Floating in the clouds’ by Nagesh Kamath under CC BY-SA 2.0

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