Sujatha Market – The WholeSale Market In Bangalore Selling In Kilos

Have you ever thought of buying your dresses and household lines, fabrics and towels in kilos without worrying about the individual prices or bargaining? Well yes its true, it really happens at

The market comprises of several shops lined at either side of RC Puram. The fabrics are sold as materials that can be used to make various types of dresses, curtains, and pillow covers. Ready made products are also available at the market. It depends on your needs to purchase the items in bulk. The purchase turns out to be interesting since you need to pay only in kilos.

Shopping at Sujatha Market

It is interesting to watch a wide array of clothing and materials available in the market. You can purchase materials and dresses made of cotton, linen, and denim. The shops sell a variety of patterns and prints for you to select and buy. You can use the materials to make different kinds of dresses especially Indian ethnic wears.

Bed sheets, bed covers, towels, pillow covers, and curtains are sold in bulk quantities in whole sale rates at the market. The place is ideal for purchasing fabric in bulk if you are into any business venture related to sewing or tailoring. At an affordable and decent price, you can strike a good deal in buying fabric in large quantities. Since the prices of materials are less, your cloth manufacturing cost is remarkably reduced and you can earn quite a good revenue in your entrepreneurship venture.

None of the products are sold at individual rates. All kinds of items are weighed and sold in kilos. It is an ideal place for those who are eager to purchase products in bulk at comfortable prices. The shops offer vivid designs and clothes representing Indian traditional fabrics. You will be amazed at the stock of products in the market and over and above all are sold in kilos irrespective of the type and pattern.

Which is the best time to visit the market?

If you are interested to buy products in bulk then it is better to visit the market in the afternoon. Mornings are very crowded and busy. You may not be able to select the right materials or products for purchase. For buyers who need to buy products in small quantities, it is better to arrive in the evenings. The sellers normally try to sell off the remaining fabric and hence will be ready for bargains as well. It is advisable to ask for some discounts and bring down the prices for an affordable purchase.

The shops in the Sujatha market are open from 11 AM till 8 PM every day. The prices normally start from INR 100 onwards and increase depending on the quality and type of clothing product.

How to reach the market?

You can reach the market by bus, train, cab or metro. The nearest railway stations to Srirampura are Okalipuram, Malleshwaram Circle and Devaiah Park. You need to walk for 12 to 15 min from the stations to reach the market premises. The Green Metro line is the one that you need to avail to reach Srirampura. If you are travelling by bus, then you need to avail the 52E bus line. Alternatively, you can hire a cab from any part of Bengaluru to reach the market.

Bengaluru is renowned to host shopping malls and markets for clothing and different types of fabric. But you will rarely find markets selling goods in kilos. Sujatha market is one of the kinds that provides buyers the privilege to purchase products in kilos at affordable prices. So next time you visit Bangalore and want to quench your shopping desire, do visit Sujatha market for a better bargain and purchase.

Featured Photo of ‘The Carrot Seller’ by Koshy Koshy under CC BY 2.0

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