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The Himachal Pradesh that is always recognized to be the “Abode of the Gods” has numerous extremely old religious monasteries and sanctuaries. Described through the magnificence of the valleys, the Lahaul and Spiti region is the home to various great Buddhist monasteries in Himachal Pradesh state. This trans-Himalayan region is the prominent place for the Buddhist pilgrims, researchers, and vacationers. The mind blowing gompas or else monasteries have presented an extraordinary and ultimate Buddhist culture here.

Kinnaur, Dharamshala as well as Kangra Valley are the different destination of Buddhist stronghold. The antiquated religious monasteries here are a treasury of Buddhist craftsmanship, writing also culture. The splendid frescoes by the dividers embroidered works of art and painted wall paintings are one of a kind and are very much worth looking at. Throughout the years, the Buddhist religious monasteries have expanded the prominence as better training centers for the lamas.

Tashigang Gompa

Tashigang photoPhotos by Arian Zwegers,

Tashigang Gompa at the Lahaul and Spiti Valley remains at the convergence point of the River Sutlej and River Spiti. This is the well-known religious monastery at the valley which draws a vast horde of vacationers consistently each and every year. An ideal approach to get to Tashigang Monastery is by way of Kinnaur district. For the adventure seekers, you will find a trekking route over Namgaya.

The Tashingang Gompa appreciates an awesome location. It is the sacred destination for all the Buddhists, other than standing a base for trekkers who come from Namgaya. It is likewise not a long way from the Nako Monastery at the Lahaul then Spiti Valley. There are a lot of chances for trips from here. The most significant element of this religious monastery is its two unmistakable structures known to be the old gompa as well as new gompa. The new gompa holds the charming interiors that attract the guests. The crucial fascination in the old gompa is the statue of the Shakyamuni Buddha. Additionally, look at the Tibetan drum, flawless frescoes, compositions, pictures, books, Buddhist statues together with idols. You will go over a little collection of Buddhist religious messages too.

Kardang Monastery


The Kardang Monastery which is from the Drukpa Lineage is the prominent gompa at the Lahaul as well as Spiti Valley. The 900-year-old religious Kardang Monastery is situated at the town of Kardang by the dikes of Bhaga River. Kardang was the recent capital of Lahaul plus Spiti. The Rangcha Peak gives shocking scenery here. Kardang is very much associated with Keylong and Kaza town by way of the street. The structural design style of the Kardang Monastery is classic of the Lahaul and Spiti region. A huge golden Buddha statue, the library, and an old divider frescoes are of awesome enthusiasm to voyagers.

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Dhankar Monastery

monasteries in himachal pradesh photoPhotos by Nivedita Ravishankar

Dhankar Monastery is the famous Buddhist monastery found about 24 km from the Kaza at the Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh. It is been constructed about one thousand years back, the religious monastery functions the eastern piece of focal Spiti. Dhankar is the major town and was said to be the capital of the Spiti Kingdom during the time of 17th century. You will also notice nearly 100 Lamas at Dhankar Monastery, by the spot of Buddhist sacred writings in Bhoti language.

It is been balanced by a height of about 12774 feet beyond the sea level, the Dhankar monastery is said to have its place with the “ Gelugspa School of order “. The religious monastery serves to be the home for more than 150 monks. There is likewise an accumulation of different disintegrating “thangka” sculptures at the religious monastery. The major figure embellishing the religious monastery is the statue of great Vairochana (Dhayan Buddha). Containing 4 finish figures situated consecutive, it holds relics as artworks, paintings as well as sculptures.

Rewalsar Monastery

Rewalsar Monastery photoPhotos by banmeet9,

Rewalsar is the serene town situated at the Mandi region in Himachal Pradesh. This town, through its little lake and encompassing woods, is stunningly wonderful. It is additionally home to certain of the prominent religious monasteries from the Nyingmapa request of Buddhism. The Drikung Kagyud Gompa, as well as the Zigar Gompa, is amongst the noticeable monasteries of this request. An exceptional component of these gompas is the combination of the stunning Indo-Chinese style of structural design. They hold the excellent interiors decorated by way of stucco pictures and artworks. Rewalsar is an essential destination of Buddhism in this state because of its legends almost the 8th-century saint called as the Padmasambhava. It is also trusted that he has continued to Tibet from this Rewalsar. Right now, the Rewalsar is between the best stayed Buddhist pilgrimage destinations all over the nation.

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Thang Yug Gompa


The Thang Yug Gompa is located at the distance of almost 14 kilometers from that of Kaza town. The Kaza is said to be the Spiti Valley’s sub-divisional headquarters. It is effortlessly reachable from Kinnaur, then Tibet and also Ladakh. This zone is home to various well-known religious monasteries that carries crowds of sightseers consistently every year.

Thang Yug Gompa stands to be the 14th-century monastery at Kaza. It has a place with the Sa Kya Pa sect of Buddhism. A gathering of prominent scholars, as well as monks who changed the blesssed Tangyur writings, shaped the Sa Kya Pa order. The Tangyur are the Buddhist sacred writings containing 87 volumes and are essential to Buddhism. This religious monastery has risen as a well-known spot for Tibetan scholars who are will visit from over the world as well as India.

Kye Monastery

Kye Monastery photoPhotos by nevil zaveri ( away 🙂,

The Lahaul, as well as Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh, is the prevalent destination for all the for Buddhist pilgrimage. You can find various Buddhist shrines at this incredible Himalayan district. This Kye Monastery is the one such gompa situated at the place of a remote valley in Spiti.

This Monastery which is been thousand-year-old religious monastery stands to be the biggest of its kind here. It is between the most gone by Buddhist focuses in Himachal Pradesh. Kye Monastery holds the uncommon collection of Buddhist works of art and Tibetan workmanship. Exist to be the noticeable Tibetan shelter in addition to learning center; it is the home for 300 lamas.

The mesmerizing interiors of the religious monastery inspire guests. Ever since this religious monastery additionally performed as the fort, there were no positive arrangements of development. This fort religious monastery by its long passages mirrors the Pasada style of structural design. It remains as an exceptional case of remarkable religious design that created the Chinese impact. For visitors, the Thangka works of art, Buddhist relics as well as craftsmanship are of awesome interest. The library has imperative original copies and a few sacred writings. You can explore to the Du-Khang or the assembly chamber so to have an appearance on the exquisite artworks.

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Stunning Legacy Of Buddhist Monasteries In Himachal Pradesh

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