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India is a land of attractions.

A country to the land of “The Taj Mahal”, India has attractions galore. Discover, Share and Celebrate India’s attractions.

  • The Undisputed, Makkhan Singh’s Mutton Tikka Rice From Kanpur
    What would be more exciting for food lovers if they found something simmering in their own city? Kanpur has always been a place of make believe for me when it comes to delicacies […]
  • 5 Best Places To Relish Vada Pav In Mumbai Nagri
    I feel immensely proud to be a foodie…. Unquestionably, this makes me hungry the moment I talk or even think of food. And this brings me back to what I was thinking before […]
  • The Scrumptious Street Food Scene In Varanasi
    Varanasi, also called Kashi is the ultimate pilgrimage for Hindus.  Hordes of people come here to bath in the Holy Ganges.  One little fact which the locals like to announce to the world […]
  • Relish The Hot And Spicy Dishes Of Madurai
    Madurai is the cultural capital of Tamil Nadu, known for its contribution towards the development of Tamil language during ancient times. The city still lives with pure traditional values. Along with the slang, […]
  • Relish The Street Food Delicacies At Mohammad Ali Road In Mumbai
    Mumbai, one of the finest cities of India, is well known for its mouth-watering delicacies. A visit to this magnificent city is incomplete without savouring the street foods at the famous Mohammad Ali […]
  • Nabi Karim Market – The Largest Wholesale Market In Asia
    The capital city of Delhi, especially Old Delhi is known to be a paradise for street shopping lovers. As you ponder through the streets of Old Delhi, you must not miss out on […]
  • Delhi’s Oldest Omelet Stall Is Just The Food Your Soul Needs!
    Nothing brings people together like good food. And food at an affordable price, that is just cherry on the top! No wonder that Delhi’s oldest and most popular omelet stall is a hit […]
  • Sakoda – A Prominent And Unique Delicacy Of Allahabad
    Allahabad, also known popularly as Prayagraj, is a city famous for its rich cultural and religious heritage and traditions. It is one of the holy pilgrimage sites in India hosting the famous Kumbh […]

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