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Punjab, well-known as the land of foodies is popular for its delicious street foods amongst the travellers. The morning starts with a heavy breakfast followed by a rich lunch and then richer dinner. Punjabis know nothing about self-control when it comes to food. They love to add lots of spices and butter in their cuisines. Though the Punjabi food is not that healthy, still the fan following of the various cuisines is on increase worldwide. The authentic Punjabi street food is known amongst the locals and the tourists, as you can enjoy a complete meal at a very nominal price.

Here is a list of Top 10 Street Foods of Punjab:

Chhole Bhature, Tummylicious Punjabi cuisine

One of the best street foods in Punjab, Chhole bhature has a huge fan following in the state and worldwide. Made with milk and refined flour, the crispy fried bhaturas is entirely different from a poori. The wholesome meal consists of mouthwatering boiled green chickpeas cooked in traditional Punjabi spices and curry, soft and fermented bhatura accompanied with chutney and pickle. This yummy Punjabi cuisine is a staple breakfast in most of the Punjabi households. If you wish to relish the taste of authentic Punjab then walk through the narrow lanes of Amritsar and order a plate of this bombastic combination of Chhole Bhature.

bhature photoPhoto by gagandeepsapra

Tandoori chicken

A healthier Punjabi street food, Tandoori chicken is hard to resist and never fails to please one and all. The roasted or tandoori chicken has an amazing smoky flavour because of being cooked in a tandoor over burning coal. It is made tangier by coating it with butter, special masala and lemon juice.

poori photoPhoto by yajico

Amritsari Fish, Non-veggie delights!

Another hot favourite on the list of best street foods of Punjab is Amritsari fish. The dish is famous amongst non-vegetarians of India.  A tender, deep- fried fish can be had as a dry dish or with a naan. Batter fried fish delicacy is prepared with lots of masalas and is juicy from inside. Amritsari fish is served all over the country with the same name which is only a proof of its popularity.

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poori photo

Amritsari Kulcha

Amritsari Kulcha is a typical delicious Punjabi street food and a speciality of the city of Amritsar. It’s a special kind of parantha which is stuffed with mashed potatoes, finely chopped vegetables and baked in an earthen clay oven until golden brown. Topped with a dollop of butter, the kulchas are eaten with spicy chole (chickpeas) and curd.

poori photoPhoto by jasonlam


One of the all -time favourite snack, samosa is a classic tea party dish in the state of Punjab. A triangular shaped dough piece is stuffed with mashed potatoes and deep fried till crisp. Garnished with chopped coriander and onion, the samosas are served with chickpea and tamarind chutney. This crunchy treat melts in the mouth and tastes yummy as an evening snack.

poori photoPhoto by corsi photo

Chaat, A vibrant fusion of taste

A North Indian cuisine, chaat is another one of the top street foods in Punjab. The main ingredients of chaat include yoghurt, saunth, onion and mix of spices. A lot of chaat variants are available which include papdi chaat, dahi bhalla chaat, samosa chaat, aloo tikki chaat. So, whether it’s the crispy combo or the lip-smacking blend of sweet and sour, you will be certainly in love with this colourful blend of tastes.

poori photoPhoto by Rishu83

Puri Chole

Puri chole slightly varies from chole bhature in a sense that puri is made of whole wheat flour and it’s not fermented as compared to bhatura. The dish is famous throughout India and can be found in most of the eating outlets. Accompanied with lassi, one can relish the authentic chole puri in various cities of Punjab.

poori photoPhoto by goblinbox_(queen_of_ad_hoc_bento)

Amritsari Lassi

Amritsari lassi, well- known to be a coolant is the best street food to cool you down during the hot summers. A drink known worldwide is salty and sweet in taste. The original lassi as it became popular, is sweet with dollops of cream to make it richer. Different flavours like the rose, mango and strawberry are added to give it a twist to beat the summer heat. Almost all the Non –Punjabi joints also show the popularity of this humble drink. A trip to Punjab state is incomplete without Amritsari Lassi

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poori photoPhoto by terrypresley

Aloo Tikki

The state of Punjab offers a delight to the veg lovers in the form of small, fried and puffed mashed potatoes “Aloo Tikki” heaped with curd, mint and tamarind chutney, onions. The most famous snack is one of the mouth-watering delicacies in the street food of Punjab. The dish is known by different names in various cities.

poori photoPhoto by ruSh.Me

Paneer Tikka

Paneer tikka, also known as “chicken of the vegetarians” has a special place in the Punjabi food. Spiced and chargrilled, soft and tender paneer chunks coated with a mixture of masalas and grilled hot on skewers is one of the famous Punjabi street foods.

poori photoPhoto by jbcurio

All these street foods are must-try items if you are planning a trip to Punjab.


Street Foods Of Punjab

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