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Maharashtra forms a colossal mosaic of people from different cultures and yet, they are perfectly blended to give the state it’s identity. Mumbai forms the pride of place in Maharashtra while Pune has been become Mumbai’s satellite town and an IT hub. Explore the Tarkali Beach, the white sandy to enjoy some peaceful moments aways from Mumbai or Pune. Or marvel at some of the top temples in this beautiful state.

With rich flora and fauna, there are plentiful opportunities to visit one of the national parks and grow wild around the birds, reptiles and the endangered species like Cheetal and Wild Boar.

Ganeshotsav is celebrated with much fanfare. Join the local community in celebrated one of the many famous festivals. During these festivals you can jingle into the customary Maharashtrian Lavani or try the favourite Kanda Poha, the classical Maharashtrian breakfast.

If you are in Mumbai, don’t forget Bollywood and follow the rise of the Marathi Cinema.

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