St. Pauls School, One Of The Oldest Boys School In Darjeeling, India

St Paul’s School is a residential school for boys. It is located in Darjeeling a beautiful and quaint town in West Bengal. The school was founded in Calcutta by John William Ricketts on 1st May 1823. But in the year 1864, the school was transferred to Darjeeling. John William Ricketts was an Anglo Indian leader. The first principal of the school was Dr. George Smith. Since this is one of the oldest schools to have been established, the main motive of opening this school was to give proper education at a moderate cost to the sons of European and East Indians. However, after India’s independence in 1947, it became a school for wealthy Indians where students from well to do families and wealthy family backgrounds come to take admission.

One of the oldest boys schools in India

The St Paul’s School is located in Darjeeling, West Bengal and is one of the oldest boys school in the country. Initially, the area of land on which the school was built was less but over the years the school has acquired a lot of the surrounding lands to increase the campus area of the school. The school has a campus area of 65 areas which is spread across a hill. The campus also consists of a chapel where boys and staff of diverse faith come together and worship together.

The St Paul’s School is situated at one of the highest hill points of Darjeeling in a small town called the Jalapahar. The pleasant and healthy environment of the Himalayas has always been an ideal place for the students to learn and study in. The scenery of the Himalayas makes this school one of the most beautiful and attractive boy’s schools in India. The St Paul’s School in Darjeeling is not only famous in India but also in several other Asian countries. This School provides a great combination of good health and good education together.

The search for the best Boys School in India ends here with St Paul’s School in Darjeeling

The school has various divisions like primary, junior and senior. The three wings are run separately and the uniforms also differ. The school uniforms are in maroon and blue color. The uniform clothes consist of a grey jersey, blue colored blazers with grey pants, white shirts, house tie, and black shoes. Parents can visit their children at the school only during specific timings and with prior written permission from the school.

The school visiting hours are usually 10.30 am to 12.00 noon and 3.30 pm to 4.30 pm. So the parents have to write in advance to the school authorities if they want permission to visit their children. Getting admission to this school is no easy since the St Paul’s school is well known to receive a huge number of applications from all over India. They also have many foreign students every year. Parents would need to really plan in advance and start their actions to get their children admitted to this prestigious boy’s school. The entrance test for admission is held every year in September.

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