St. George’s School, Mussoorie

St. George’s School is one of the few schools that is well known in Mussoorie. It is one of the well-known boys boarding school in India. The St. George’s school is located in Barlowganj in Mussoorie. It was founded in 1853 by Capuchin Fathers.

The village of Barlowganj is situated some 5 km away from the city of Mussoorie. There is another school near to St George school which is Nirmala Convent School which is for the poorer inhabitants of Mussoorie. The Dehradun railway station is the nearest station to the school.

The perfect school for your child located in a hill station

The St. George School is amongst the oldest schools that exist today. It is well known for its architecture and infrastructure facilities. The school has a 400 acres long campus that is located on top of a hill. One can get a beautiful view of the entire Shivalik hills and also a view of the Mussoorie and Dehradun valley. The school campus has a clock tower which was erected in 1936. It was the first clock tower in Mussoorie.

The school also has a museum on its premises which is a collection of all the old artifacts displaying the 150 years old history of the school. So, everything from the school records like paintings, pictures, photographs, furniture’s and yearbooks are preserved and displayed at the museum. There are also some photographs from the 1870’s and scientific instruments from the 1900s. There are 4 large fields that are available which are used for sports activities like cricket, football, athletics, badminton and many more. There are many sports tournaments held internally amongst the students as well as inter-school competitions.

The campus has an old library, a multi-functional auditorium where various activities are held, an indoor gymnasium and an indoor heated swimming pool for the students. The facilities and amenities provided by the school help the children in many ways. They get an opportunity to learn and develop new skills and groom them in a better way.

A school popular with local inhabitants, Indians as well as students from abroad The school receives a lot of admission requests every year from across different states in India. The St. George School is also famous to have a sizable number of overseas students from Thailand, Nepal, and other countries as well. There are approximately 800 students at the school every year. Mussoorie is a beautiful place to visit and the school campus and the buildings as well are very beautiful and compliment the surrounding area.

There have been many advertisements and TV serials that have been shot at the school and its premises. There are 4 main houses in the school. Each sport is represented by different colors. There are many extra curriculum activities held in the school such as debates, cultural events, declamations, and many other such activities. Every Sunday the students are given a holiday and are also given some pocket money that they can use and got out to visit Mussoorie.

Featured Image St. George’s College, Mussoorie by Manorite1221 under CC by 2.5 Wikimedia Commons

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