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India is a land of culture, traditions and uncountable number of temples. In fact, one may be surprised to see the number of temples in one particular lane; it’s like, there is one small temple after every two or four buildings that we cross. Be it below that old tree, in a small building or near that old pond, no temple remains unvisited even on a single day, devotees do come and visit these temples with utmost devotion and faith.

In these uncountable number of temples in India, there are few of them which are immensely popular. These temples not only attract pilgrims from the country but also attracts tourist from all around the world. Few names are the world popular Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, Golden Temple, Shirdi Sai and Tirupathi Devasthana; these are among the richest temples in India. But in this article I shall be specifically talking about the richest temple in India recording US$22.3 billion worth treasure.

Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple: Thiruvananthapuram, India

Yes, this temple is the richest temple in India, it is located in Thiruvananthapuram which is the capital city of Kerela. Lord Vishnu is the main divinity of the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple. One of the most holy places in India, this shrine is of high traditional importance for the state of Kerela.

Initially Tirupati Temple was recorded as the richest temple in India but the place was over taken by this temple. In the year 2011, on the order of the Supreme Court the vaults of the Padmanabhaswamy temple were inspected post which this temple came under the spotlight. Enormous and treasurable collection were revealed and the total worth of the contents was US$22.3 billion. It is said that the discovered treasure is the contribution of the Tranvancore empire and also from the other kings and foreign entities.

Secrets Of The Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple, Kerela

After the inspection of the vaults this temple has always been under the spotlight and also a part of the daily news. But with so many headlines spinning around there are many secrets and unanswered questions surrounding the temple. Let’s take a look of what secrets we know and if we can answer some questions too.

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Actual Worth Of The Treasures At The Sree Padmanabha Swami Temple

The actual value of the treasure of this temple is yet to be determined as the uniqueness of the items is the parameter which is to be considered to calculate the actual worth. $22 Billion is the described value of the treasures which is just the face value and comprises mainly of the Gold items. The supreme court of India has appointed a team of experts who will be working on determining the actual value of the discovered treasure.

The Owners of the Treasure

When it came to the rights over the treasure, the matter became more complex and a point of debate.  The decision is still pending as to who the treasure belongs, is it the royal family who control the temple or the general people.  This is one unanswered questions and waits decision which will be made by an in-depth study of the history of the progress of the temple and its mounting wealth. Let’s wait and see where the wealth goes – to the divine or to the social bag. Well whereever it may go, hope it is used for some good somewhere.

Secret of the Closed Vault B

This is a closed Vault which is still not opened and no one knows when it will open and how. This is also a matter which has been lingering the entire world pretty long now, it seems it is actually killing people out of curiosity. A failed attempt was made by some archaeologist way back in the year 2011. There are many mysteries also associated with this scary door; people also say that this chamber B is shielded by serpents. Also they say that this door will open on chanting a secret spell; it’s a hard to accept story with this growing technology.

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Vault B is guarded by two COBRAS

As I told this is a highly mysterious chamber, apart from being so mysterious it is also considered to be extremely unsafe and risky. Vault B has a steel door with the portrait of two COBRA’s over it and one surprising thing is that there are no nuts and bolts or latches on it. It is believed that the chamber has giant snake inside it, and few devotees and trustees also reported creepy instances of actually hearing the hissing sound of snakes and water from behind the door of this vault.

Opening of the 7th Door will destroy the world

Does that sound scary to you? But it is believed so that if the 7th door of the temple is opened then it would lead to the end of the world. The 7th door is considered to be closed with secret and sacred spells and mantras made by the Sidda purashas. And it can be opened only by the sadhus with those specific mantras, any humans interfere with it then the results can be scary and disasters can take place.

Yes, the statistics declare the Padmanabhaswamy temple to be the richest temple in the country. But again the secrets are whispering louder and louder of some more hidden stories behind the closed doors of this mysterious temple.

Photo by Kamaljith

The World’s Richest Sree Padmanabhaswamy Temple

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