Childhood Games

India is a land of attractions.

A country to the land of “The Taj Mahal”, India has attractions galore. Discover, Share and Celebrate India’s attractions.

  • Playing Hide And Seek And Reliving Your Childhood!
    What was the first game you remember playing? Any blurred memory from childhood jumping back at you? Mine was hide and seek, the thrilling game for all ages!! If you grew up in […]
  • Krida Patram, The Original Indian Playing Card Game
    Everybody knows Poker, a popular playing cards game. This is generally played in the US and Europe but there are several Indian playing card games hidden from the world. The most ancient one […]
  • The Singing Game Of Our Childhood, Poshampa!
    ‘If you carry your childhood with you, you never get older’ is a very popular saying. It reminds us to keep the child inside us alive and kicking. How do we do that? […]
  • Kancha, The Popular Indian Game Of Marbles
    What is your fondest memory as a child? Do you miss summer holidays when the entire family would get together and relax? Or is it the cool evenings playing with your friends you […]
  • Kith Kith, The Desi Version Of Hopscotch
    Every child in the world knows Hopscotch. The game played by pretty much children everywhere is fun, simple and known as Kith Kith in India. The other names for this game are Stapu, […]

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