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Significance Of Haldi Ceremony In An Indian Wedding

The role of Turmeric or Haldi in an Indian kitchen is quite important, in fact we Indians use Haldi in almost all our preparations. When it comes to Indian cuisine Haldi is one of the most integral ingredient needed and it holds a very honourable position on our kitchen shelves. We all are also aware that Haldi has medicinal properties too. This very Indian spice is quite popular for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties. This is one reason we use Haldi as a medicine too.

Indian weddings have a series of rituals which are carried out very carefully, this is because of the fact that each and every ritual has some significance and is unique in itself. And Indians carry out their rituals with great care as they are quite particular about their customs and traditions. Let me take you through this wonderful and beautiful ritual of Haldi in our Indian weddings.

Haldi And Its Role In Indian Wedding Traditions

Apart from all these goody factors of Haldi, this spice also holds a very important place in the Indian traditions too. Do I need to name where? Yes you get it right ! In the Indian weddings of course. This amazing spice is so important in our Indian weddings that there is a dedicated ceremony with its name itself, and that is The Haldi Ceremony. This is an extremely wonderful ceremony and at the same time it’s absolutely beautiful. Basically what happens is that a paste made of our master spice Haldi is applied on the bodies of the to be bride and groom.

Haldi hai Or Holi Hai

This ceremony is full of fun for both, the bride and groom and also for their family members. I remember during my Haldi ceremony each and every one played Holi with Haldi. It was so much fun to see everyone smiling and giggling around, it was a moment of mixed emotions for me. However it might not be the same case in all weddings, some carry out this ritual in a more sophisticated way. I wanted to add this point as I feel it is a fun element in this tradition, it can leave one with memories for a life time.

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Haldi Ceremony: Know This Beautiful Ritual

haldi photo
haldi-functions by apsaramokashi under CC BY 2.0

This ceremony is held before the wedding, some conduct it a day before and some conduct it on the wedding day itself (morning time). This ceremony is conducted separately at the brides and the grooms place. The ritual begins with preparing the magical paste. This is usually done by the family members and they make it using the soaking raw Haldi and then grinding it to a fine paste using the traditional mortar and pestle. Many other ingredients are also added to this paste, like milk, sandalwood powder and rose water. Once the paste is prepared it is applied by the near and dear ones on the to-be-bride and the to-be-groom’s bodies (face, hands, feet and neck).

What makes this ceremony even more special is the traditional songs sung by old grannies. Some traditional dances also make this event real fun. This ceremony is known with different names in different regions, like tel baan, ubtan and mandha.

Haldi Can Help Unmarried People Married Soon

haldi photo
Glowing skin by teresaling under CC BY-ND 2.0

Yes you heard me right, attending this ceremony and getting some of that magical paste applied on you can help you get married soon. There is a belief that if the bride or the groom apply some of that this sacred paste on their friends or siblings who are unmarried, can actually help them find their partner and get married soon.

Why Is Haldi Used in Weddings?

There are many factors which prove the importance of Turmeric \ Haldi in Indian Weddings.

1. Yellow Colour is Auspicious

In Indian traditions, yellow colour is considered very auspicious. In fact, one would have noticed that in all religious functions or Poojas people prefer wearing yellow colour dresses, as it signifies purity. And the colour of turmeric is absolutely beautiful yellow. It is believed that the auspiciousness of this magical spice blessed the life of the newlyweds with prosperity and happiness. In some cultures, it is very important for the bride and groom to wear clothes which are yellow in colour during the rituals on the wedding day and mainly during the Pheras.

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2. Protection Again Any Evil Eyes

Post the Haldi paste is applied to the bride and groom, both of them are not allowed to go out of their houses. It is believed that Haldi helps to protect the bride and groom from any evil eyes and it doesn’t allow it to affect the to be newlyweds. Basically it helps to ward of all negative sprits surrounding the bride and groom. Until the Mahurat of the wedding, the bride and groom are not allowed to stay alone post Haldi is applied over them. To protect the bride and groom from any evil eyes, some people even tie small amulets or sacred threads on the wrist of the bride and groom hands.

3. Secret of Fair & Glowing Skin during Wedding

These days’ people prefer expensive beauty parlours over natural beautification options. Earlier Indians had their own beauty secrets, they were never dependent on beauty parlours. Even though they looked absolutely wonderful and radiant on their wedding day. The secret of fair and glowing skin earlier was because of the use of Haldi. Sadly, these days’ girls do not rely on this magical spice. I remember during my marriage my granny was too particular about applying haldi, she invigilated the entire ceremony and ensured I was drenched with haldi. That moment felt ridiculous, but later after the bath I had that perfect glow over my skin which every bride dreams off.

Haldi Helps to Keep Away Wedding Day Nervousness

haldi ceremony photo
I see you by teresaling under CC BY-ND 2.0

All to be bride and groom feel nervous on their wedding day, it’s quite a common phenomenon. But do you know this magical spice can actually help to reduce that nervousness which every bride and the groom feel? Yes, Haldi is magical, it contains Curcumin which is an antioxidant and this works well to reduce depression, nervousness and headaches as well. So if you are scared of facing that wedding day anxiety, make sure you get that paste all over you. Trust me it’s going to do more good than any harm. Trust our old traditions they definitely have a lot of value.

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Indian’s celebrate all their tradition and rituals with smiles and giggles and the Haldi Ceremony is one those Indian rituals which brings tickles even the grumpiest member in the family.

Featured Photo: Flowers in her hands by teresaling under CC BY-ND 2.0



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