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Gujarat is a paradise for people who love to shop, that’s why I say that shopping in Gujarat is an enchanting experience. This beautiful state offers a huge collection of textile and crafts products which are just so irresistible. Shopping is a tempting experience here. Even people who do not like shopping also might land up picking up few stuffs from the markets in Gujarat.

mirror work india photo

Photo by hoshi7

Markets In Gujarat: Impossible To Resist

As I said, it is absolutely impossible to resist from picking up the knitted rugs and shawls, attractive handmade fabrics, beautiful bead-work and mirror work, unusual silver jewellery and tie and dye scarves. Gujarat is tremendously famous all across the word, and the glory goes to its traditional handicraft items.

The markets in Gujarat are full of energy just like the people in this city. A simple walk to this market can cost you some money, as I can guarantee that you will surely pick up something or the other for yourself. Well If not for yourself then surely for some beloved one. The markets in Gujarat offer endless variety of choices, which are just enough to confuse you as well as tempt you to the height of infinity.

Specialities Of Gujarat

There are n number of varieties available, however some are immensely popular all across the country. Check out below the list of few really popular specialities of Gujarat.
• Bandhnis (Salwar Kameez and Sarees)
• Traditional Ghagra and Cholis
• Embroidered, Appliquéd Quilts
• Bangles
• Silver Jewellery
• Patola Silk Sarees
• Handlooms
• Handicrafts

Famous Markets/Shopping Places In Gujarat

1. Law Garden Market (Ahmedabad)

If you are looking to purchase some traditional Gujarati Dresses, then hit the Law Garden Market. This market offers a huge variety of very popular mirror work clothing. Mirror Work is extremely popular in Gujarat and is made in the Rann of Kutch area. This is an exquisite art which is done by hands and are extremely beautiful and attractive.

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2. Lal Darwaja (Ahmedabad)

Lal Darwaza is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Gujarat, mainly because it is a one-stop place for each and every need. It is immensely crowded with all types of people with different requirements. Be it clothes or electronics, you can get almost everything where the stuffs are sold by hawkers. Don’t worry these hawkers sell almost everything – you can buy garments, sarees, Chaniya Cholis, shoes, wallets, books and much more.

3. Dhalgarward /Teen Darwaja (Ahmedabad)

This is another market in Ahmedabad which is immensely popular for traditional garments. If you are thinking about budget, then here a variety of Chaniya Cholis, sarees and dress material are available at very reasonable rates.

4. Rander Road (Surat)

Bustling day in and day out with both Locals and tourists, the Rander Road is extremely popular for its variety of clothes in the city of Surat.

5. New Textiles (Surat)

This market is extremely popular as it exports its beautiful ornamented variety of sarees to the Middle Eastern countries. They are popular for the new trends in clothing, Silver brocade, Zari embroidered and Kinari work. The international markets are the prime target of this market in Surat, they strive hard to capture the growing demand of sarees for the worldwide markets.

6. Rajkot

Rajkot in Gujarat is one of the fastest growing cities of the world, this beautiful city is very popular for its beautiful and exquisite mirror and bead work, silk embroidery, patch work, jewellery, Meenakari furniture, bangles and much more.

7. Bangadi Bazaar (Rajkot)

Perfect place for ladies who love bangles, glass bangles of different colours sizes and price is available easily in the Bangadi Bazaar. Shopping in the narrow lanes within the tiny shops is an absolutely unique experience.

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An enthralling experience which will leave you with good memories for sure. Do experience shopping at the roadside from the vendor as it will be so much fun, and don’t miss to bargain as that’s like a cherry on the top.

Apart from handicrafts and textiles, do not miss to buy some sweets: mouth-watering varieites of popular Gujarati sweets include Boondi, Monthal, Ladoo, Masoor, Maghaz, and Bhavnagari Pedas. The list of what to buy is surely endless, but one things is sure that Gujarat will give you some unforgettable memories.

Featured Photo by ZeePack

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