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Why Shoghi Is A Must Visit Place In Shimla?

If you have ever wished for heaven on the earth, then here is one such place that can give you the rich feeling of being on heaven. In this context, Indians are a bit luckier than the rest of the world. How? Well, this place is in North India which is easily accessible and can be enjoyed at as long as you wish.

So, do you want to know all about this place in detail? Then here is all you need to know.

Shoghi- Heaven in Himachal Pradesh, North India

Photo of ‘Family2001_OS_1401’ by Owen Allen under CC BY 2.0

Shoghi, a place where you can actually feel your soul at peace. This place is at a bit distance from the hassle of town which adds a lot to the overall beauty of Shoghi, in many ways. It is more of a suburb of Shimla which can be visited after traveling of 13 km from main Shimla. To be more apt with its location, it is exactly on the national highway no. 22 and is at a height of 5700 ft approximately.

Enjoying the panoramic view of Shoghi becomes even easier when you travel and reach its peak. Covered with forests, and mesmerizing hills, it can be a great place to click the best pictures of yours. Here, you need not take any permission to enter into the dense forests, yet it is good to consult any local person or your guide rather than directly heading towards the forests or any undiscovered hills.

Just nearby Shoghi, there is a well-known temple named, Tara Devi Temple which attracts a huge number of devotees every year. Else than witnessing the charm of Shoghi hills and greenery, it can be a good option to visit and enjoy the peaceful environment. To give you real-time hunger pangs, there is a vast number of food and fruit factories from where you can buy organically grown fruits and fruit juices. The most popularly grown and sold fruit of this place is apple (green as well as red). Else than making you healthy, this place is quite popular for giving you some evening time memories through tasty wines and pickles.

Those who are in love with adventurous tours or sports can relish their fun time here at the best. How? Well, rare people know Shoghi is well-known for trekking, campaigning, bone fire camp set-ups and much more. A high number of trekkers are seen here usually during the winter times. On top of this, the wooden resorts add a lot to the beauty of this place and serve convenience for the travelers as well.

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Concluding Words

This blog speaks about a place named Shoghi in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, North India. This place is well-recognized for its green ambiance and congested yet beautiful roads. In order to reach this place without any hassle, it is good to travel here to the public transportation system. Apart from this, the maximum beauty of Shogi can be witnessed in the winter season.

Featured Photo of ‘Veer Garh’ by India Untravelled under CC BY 2.0

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