What Makes The Mall Road Of Shimla Really Special

When we say Shimla, what is the picture that your mind instantly draws? Snow-capped Himalayan peaks surrounded by green meadow land. But its more than that, Shimla has outstanding hills which look even more beautiful with buildings from the colonial era. To add more to this beautiful place there are the town’s bazaars, which shines out with the lively local life. Shimla is encircled by a dense forest and offers spectacular scenes of the magnificent snow covered mountain peaks. The real charisma of this magical town is actually in its narrow lanes, the friendly people and not to miss the mesmerizing scenic views which welcome you with each and every curve on the road and not to mention “The Mall Road of Shimla”

But here we are going to talk about this one really special place which you just cannot dare to ignore, and that is definitely the Mall Road of Shimla. This place is located at the heart if Shimla and is truly the heart of this town. Mall Road is one of the busiest commercial areas in Shimla. It was built by the British during their colonial rule in India. This road was built in a very strategic and planned way.

If you are looking at experiencing real Shimla, then Mall road is the place you need to be. This road offers amazing views from the adjoining areas, which makes your experience truly a memorable one.

Here is What Makes The Mall Road Of Shimla Really Special

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Shimla Bazaar Street Scene by marksquared

 All colonial structures located right here

Situated on the main street of Shimla, the mall road has all the colonial structures located on it. This road also has all the major hotels, restaurants and recreation centres of Shimla.

Ultimate shopping destination

The Mall road is the right place for people who are crazy for shopping. As it is full of shops which sell woollen and also branded clothes items, jewellery, handicraft items, pottery items, books and much more.

Bargaining is permitted

Yes, doesn’t that sound amazing. Unlike shopping malls, the Mall Road allows you to bargain. So make sure you do some decent bargaining while purchasing the locally made goods. Here is a tip too, bargain at 30% of the amount quoted by the shopkeepers.

Outstanding wooden furniture & articles

Another thing which makes the Mall Road even more famous is its wooden furniture shops. These shops sell exquisite wooden articles, which look very similar to antiques.

Scrumptious food

You name your craving and you get it right here. This place has a number of famous restaurants which specialize not just in local cuisines but also popular delicacies from the nearby places. The food will surely tickle all your taste buds.

No Vehicle Zone

Yes, you heard me right; there are no vehicles allowed in the Mall road. So you are free to roam around and enjoy to the fullest as you just don’t need to worry about watching out for the traffic.

Don’t Miss Out to See These Famous Attractions on the Mall Road

The whole area in and around the Mall road is fun to loiter around; in fact time will just fly off without you even noticing it. In addition to the small and big shops, showrooms, restaurants and street side cafes this place also has some famous attractions which you can’t afford to miss. Check them out and make sure you check in these places too when you are in Shimla.

shimla Scandal point photo
Scandal Point by _AJAR_

1. Scandal point

This is the joining point of the Mall road and the Ridge road. Wondering why this weird name? Well this name arose from a history which is associated with it, it is said that the Indian Maharaja eloped with a British Lady from this particular point itself. Post that incident this place was named a scandal point as it is associated their escape affair. You do check out the most noticeable thing at this point which is the statue of Lala Lajpat Rai, a legendary Indian freedom fighter. But trust me it’s a worth visit.

2. Gaiety Theatre

The Gaiety Theatre is sited on the very popular Mall road and started operating from the 30th of May 1887. What makes this place popular is that many famous movies actors and actress have made their performances here. The other thing that makes this Gaiety Theatre popular is its social club and it is also used by many schools in Shimla for their arts related performances. This theatre is a true symbol of the culture and heritage.

3. Kali Bari Temple

The Kali Bari temple was constructed in the year 1845. As the name suggests, Goddess Kali is the prime deity of this temple. The Kali Bari Temple is a very old temple of Shimla and it is thought that goddess Kali actually existed here near Jakhoo.

4. Town Hall

The town hall in Shimla has been recently renovated and many newer architectural features have been added to it, however the building is preserved in its original form. It has large steps and you might see that the entrance area looks more like a public site. You would have definitely notice the town hall in some picture of Shimla as this is a really common place.

Hope this article gives you a deep insight of Shimla’s Mall Road. Now just go ahead and experience the true essence of Shimla at the Mall Road yourself.

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