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Shillong – Scotland Of East

Shillong – Scotland of East

Known as ‘The Scotland of East’, Shillong is one of the fascinating places in the North-Eastern Part of India. Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya holds the mystic power of charming one’s body and mind. The marvellous visions of lines of pine trees, quaint cottages and lush hills are the best of its kind in India. The name of the city is believed to have originated from ‘Leishyllong’, the super God who is assumed to have spent his whole life in shielding the city’s wonder. The small hilly area can be effortlessly traced during a trip to Assam. Tourists can also complete its tour by foot.

The exceptional beauty of Shillong lies in bamboo houses made in a distinctive cottage style. The small or big sized houses has an extended obligatory portion-balcony adorned with natural flowers blossomed in the beeline clay pots. A revitalizing looks comes with the vibrant paintings of the houses. Geologically, Shillong is settled on the Khasi Hills in the Eastern Himalayas and is at the top with an altitude of 5,000 feet above sea level.

The major town is congested with the abundant houses of bamboos and bricks, shops and the crowded market space. Besides, the city proudly presents some outstanding attractions such as Cherrapunji, Shillong Peak, Golf Course, Sohpetbneng Peak, Anglican Cemetery, Meghalaya State Museum, Kyllang Rock (a giant sized circular granite rock), Jaintia Hills Caves and Mawsynram. The place is eminent for a large number of waterfall such as Elephant Falls, the Bishop and Beadon Falls, Urkaliar Falls or Spread Eagle Falls, Sweet Falls, Rengthiam Falls and Crinoline Falls. Moreover, the place Jakrem is deified with the sulphur water hot springs that are assumed to have medicinal properties.

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Shillong photo
Photo by sangeeta Nath

Shillong is a place which is known to be the preferred picnic-spot in the east India. Visitors or tourists can enjoy an ultimate time in Shillong peak and Dwaki that provides a splendid view of the Khasi Hills. The place is also accompanied with deep waters and the natural silver streams. Travellers can enjoy a variation of boat ride in the grand Umiam Lake and Ward’s lake. Besides, Golf lovers can also try their hand in India’s third oldest Golf course. A lot of visitors have a knack towards fishing also, they can try their fate at catching the Craps of a vast Ranikor pool.

Vacationers can enjoy the attractive beauty of flowing stream fall of Thadlaskein lake enclosed with rows of oak and pine trees. They can also seizure the lively flowers and colorful plants of the Botanical Garden placed below the Ward’s Lake. The Lady Hydari Park with small zoo and a Butterfly Museum is one of mostly visited place by the paparazzi. Travellers can enjoy the tribal or natural life and culture widespread in the interior Shillong. The place is ruled with the Jaintia, Garo and Khasi tribe. Their food habits and dressing style clearly delineates them from other society in the world. A visit to the Secretariat Buildings and sacred Churches and can also be planned.

Shillong photo
Sunset @ Barapani by BOMBMAN

The daybreak Sun in Shillong wakes up with the clucking of hen and the roads get busy with school kids and office-goers. Roads are even with less traffic and looks overwhelming in spring. The street ways integrating the high hills witnesses the people gathering the water flowing over the organized bamboo blocks. The delightful city looks pleasing at evening, while the dusk gets brightened with street-light on the road and the bulbs at home.

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The town witnesses the exquisiteness of night sky; where the small houses gives a view of dipping stars on the earth. The market is full of tribal women selling vegetables, fruits and meats. Several local hotels and bars get congested with customers prospering for tribal foods and local liquor made up of cooked flesh of pork and mixed vegetable. Shopping centers in Shillong is known for tribal clothes, especially traditional articles hand-crafted with bamboo sticks, meghala (wrapper on) and shawls.

Shillong with rolling grasslands and stunning waterfalls has become a preferred tourist destination.

A secure travel by bus from Guwahati, Assam would lead you to get hold of the beauty of Shillong. It’s no lesser than Darjeeling in any manner, so gear up, it’s time to discover the undiscovered hill station in India.

Featured Photo Elephant falls – Shillong by Joshua Singh


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