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Shettihalli Rosary Church is otherwise called the “Floating Church”, a less known destination in the state of Karnataka. Shettihalli is a small hamlet located on the Gorur-Hemavathi reservoirs bank. Before the construction of dams, Shettihalli was a fine agricultural land and famous for its sunflower field. Gothic style of architecture was implied in designing the church. The church is located at a distance of 205 km from the electronic city Bangalore, and 22 km from Hassan.

History of Shettihalli Church

In 1860, this church was built by the French missionaries. Later the Government had decided to build Gorur dam and Hemavathi reservoir to utilize the flowing river in a useful way. In the 1960s, construction of Gorur dam led to a flood in the Hemavathi reservoir. The flood led to the evacuation of the church and its surrounding villages and finally abandoned due to the continuous flooding. In every monsoon, the church has been submerged and only a few portions are visible which is considered as a rare spectacle. So, tourists and locals come to see the partially drowned church in the monsoon seasons. Despite all the inhabitants were shifted to the nearest village, the church was left abandoned. This roofless structure is mostly visited by architecture and research students. The church has turned a home to many birds and the silent place to spend a peaceful evening after a hectic work schedule throughout the week.

The weird beauty of Shettihalli church can be enjoyed in two seasons. One is in the month of July-October, the church would have been partially submerged in water and December-May there is a receding the water level and the glory of the church can be viewed. A small fee shall be paid to take a boat and watch the ruins and reminiscence.

Quick facts about Shettihalli Church

  • The church and its surrounding areas have been shot in many regional movies and serials
  • Even though the continuous flood over twenty-five years ruined the church, yet the structure stands
  • It has been a paradise for chirping birds and natural buffs
  • It is called photographers paradise as the blue sky reflects on the Hemavathi reservoir with the ancient church as its backdrop
  • It has been said that along with bricks, a blend of eggs and Jaggery were used to build the church
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Other attractions near Rosary Church

Wildlife Sanctuary photoPhoto by Traveller-Reini

There is nothing more to explore in Shettihalli besides the Rosary Church. However, this quiet picnic spot can be enjoyed with friends and family. Since there is no restaurant, hotel near the church, the tourists are advised to carry food, water. Most of the people stop at Hassan and visit famous Hindu temples in Halebid and Belur. Manjrabad Fort, Sakleshpur, and Bisle Reserve forest are the other popular attraction nearby the church. Shettihalli Wildlife Sanctuary is being the star attraction to the visitors. The other tourist attractions in Hassan include Nugehalli, Ombattu Gudda, and Yagachi. People may find one or two petrol bunks on the way to Hassan. Hence, they may fuel their vehicles there for a trouble-free journey.

There are many myths about the ghost loitering in the midnight. Many dare-devils had gone there to scrutiny the fable. They heard priest prayer, incense smell with choir songs but eventually it was only their imagination.

How to reach Shettihalli Church

Until 4.00 pm hourly buses leave from Hassan bus stop to Shettihalli church. The tourists shall walk for 5-10 minutes to reach the church after getting down from the bus. Auto rickshaws are also available to reach the church from Hassan. Daily trains are available from Hassan railway station to Shettihalli. Bangalore and Mangalore are the nearest airports.

Visiting ancient & historical places escalates our national knowledge and passes the time in a valuable way

Photo by flowcomm

Shettihalli Rosary- A Floating Church In Karnataka

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