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Shedding Lights On Snake Boat Race In Kerala

Kerala is one such place which has its own range of mesmerizing beauties on the tourist front. Anyone visiting this South Indian state for the very first time would instantly fall in love with its culture, religious attributes, and etc. While it is next to impossible to shed lights on all the positive attributes about Kerala tourism, here’s enlightening you about the essential things to know about Kerala Snake Boat festival, and why should someone witness it live?

A Glimpse of Snake Boat Race in Kerala

In all fortunate ways, there’s absolutely no need for concern, since snake boats in Kerala have got their names from the shape! So, one who is introduced to the name for the very first time, don’t misunderstand the name and think that it has something to do with snakes in general

Shedding Lights on Snake Boat Race in Kerala – What You Need to Know
Photo of ‘Snake boat. Practising for the big race’ by Andreas Eldh under CC BY 2.0

Chundan Vallam, as the name suggests, is the snake boat which happens to be a canoe-styled long boat that is used by the Kerala people, precisely by the Kuttanad region’s people. This particular festival is a traditional war boat of this state. The snake boats are usually about 100 to 200 feet long and thye can hold a total of 100 rowers! The villages in this region have their own snake boats and they also take pride in it! Each year, the villagers come together in order to race the boats along with the rivers and lakes.

The History behind Kerala Snake boat race

Kerala’s battling snake boats have more than four hundreds of histories that are associated with it. The stories can give you a close hint at the traced=back=dates of the Kings of Alappuzha or Alleppey as well as the surrounding areas. The stories also shed lights on how the kings fpught with each other in these boats alongside with the canals.

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A king who suffered from heavy losses got the boat in order to build a better vessel. Soon after, the construction of the snake got its introduction. The opposite king was sent to a spy for learning the secrets behind designing these boats. However, he was unsuccessful since he found it really hard to pick up the boats. The boat races in today’s world are held with excitement during the festivals.

Where are the races held?

Kerala Snake boat race is held every year, and there are a total of four races held in & around Alleppey. These are mentioned below:

Nehru Trophy occurs on the Punnamda Lake of Alleppey.

Champakkulam Moolam happens to be the oldest lake which is held along the Champakkulam (Changanassery) river it occurs about 25 kilometers away from Alleppey.

The next comes the Payippad Jalotsavam which is held on the Payippad Lake. It is held around 35 kilometers away from the place.

Aranmula Boat Race occurs at Aranmula, which is near Chengannur. It occur around 50 kilometers aay from Alleppey’s south.

Shedding Lights on Snake Boat Race in Kerala – What You Need to Know
Photo of ‘The Practice Sessions!’ by Amitra Kar under CC BY-SA 2.0

When the races happen?

The snake boat races are usually held between the months of July and September. The exact dates usually vary every year and this entirely depends on the moon’s phases. However, the exception is about the Nehru Boat Race that is held on the August’s second Saturday. According to boat race in Kerala 2019, These boat races are the highlight of Onam Festival in either August or September, especially Aranmula Boat Race occurring through a ten day celebration!

There are multiple boat races that occur during the backwaters in Payippad, as well as Champakkulam. As a matter of fact, the Champakkulam Moolam occurs in the late June or in the early July. On the other hand, the Payippad Boat Race occurs in the late August or the early September. The upcoming snake boat race is the Aranmula Boat Race and the this boat race in Kerala 2019 will occur on September 15!

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Featured Photo of ‘Rowers at Nehru Trophy Snake Boat Race’ by Avinash Singh under CC BY 2.0

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