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Sealdah Railway Station, One Of India’s Most Busiest And Oldest

Sealdah railway station is not only one of the busiest station which serves the city of joy, Kolkata, but it is also one of the busiest stations in India. Every day the station record a crowd of about 1.8 million.

Sealdah railway station was started in the year 1869. This original station was designed by Walter Glanville. It took quite an effort to build the station right at the business center of Kolkata. The foundation at some places had to be made quite deep to avoid pits in some areas. Depth level of some areas even ranges up to 45 feet below ground level and some had 8 to 10 feet thick walls even at that depth.

Previously  Sealdah railway station was known as the Eastern Bengal Railway and the Eastern Bengal Guaranteed Railway. The Sealdah Main, Sealdah north and Sealdah south forms the 3 station terminals of Sealdah. The present north section has 13 platforms numbering 1 to 4 and 4A and the south section has 7 platforms numbering 10A, 10-14 and 14A. The platform 5 to 9 A, 9B and 9C forms the main section.

About 200 trains run from this station every day and reach to almost every part of India. Sealdah rail station is equipped with 20 platforms and 20 tracks. This station was electrified in 1960. All basic amenities, such as restrooms and waiting rooms, and food courts, food joints, drinking water facilities are all available. The station is modernized with electronic boards and computerized ticket purchasing systems.

The station premises are quite neat and clean too. The parking lot is also quite spacious. There is a prepaid taxi stand just beside the main entrance of the station. Also available is provision for disabled access.
Till 1978, there was also a tram terminus at Sealdah Railway station from which trams to major parts of the city such as Dalhousie square, Dharmatala and Howrah used to depart.

Featured Photo: Indian Railways by Bhavishya Goel under CC BY 2.0

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