Scindia School In Gwalior

Scindia School in Gwalior is one of the oldest schools in India. The history of this school unfolds some of the fascinating times of the Indian history. The school was founded by Maharaja Madho Rao Scindia of the Gwalior state in 1897. The school was initially built for the nobles and the princes of the royal family. So the level and standard of studies and facilities available to the students have always been above the rest of the schools around the country since that period. However, over a period of time the school is now available to all and admission is given on merit irrespective of the caste, creed, and religion.

A Beautiful School that excels in Education and Sports

The school is situated on top of a hill on a historic Gwalior fort in the city of Gwalior. The school is some 300 feet above the surrounding city. From the school windows and the premises, one can get a good view of the entire Gwalior city. Classes from 6th to 12th are available in this school. There are approximately 600 students to be admitted into the school at a time. The Scindia School has a 110-acre large campus making it one of the largest schools in India. The campus has some historic buildings and houses that are still very well maintained and kept.

The residential buildings where the teachers and staff reside was one of the buildings used as a British barrack where British soldiers used to reside. The school is divided into twelve houses and each of them is named after famous places and individuals of the Maratha history. Since the buildings are very old the government has undertaken work to restore and maintain the original structures of the school. There are modern smart classrooms today to give the best education to your children. The colors of the school are blue and white.

A school which is recognized internationally

The school has very high standards and is always considered as one of the most prestigious boarding school for boys. The Scindia School is always considered to be a step ahead of its competitors when it comes to the school’s infrastructure, the academic results of the students, the campus facilities, the technology, and the campus beauty.

This is one of the first schools to be a member of the international organization called the Round Square. This is a group of reputed schools in the world. There are a lot of extracurricular activities that are organized by the seniors and are supervised by the faculty.

The students get an opportunity to indulge in many activities like mountaineering expeditions, white water rafting, outdoor survival, skiing, and cycling. The school always has very good academic results and the students are encouraged to up skill themselves to learn first aid, information technology, and automobile mechanics. Along with excellent board results, the school is also well known to have great sports facilities. They have students excel in sports activities like basketball, soccer, hockey, cricket, archery, swimming, horse riding, squash and many more. The school is affiliated with CBSE board of education.

Featured Photo: Cricket ground at the Scindia school by Nagarjun under CC BY 2.0

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