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If you are a busy professional and loves to live life on its terms, then Sakleshpur is an ideal place for your next weekend getaway trip. It is also a widely accepted fact that people rarely stop at this home that is also known by the tag of poor’s man Ooty. However, Sakleshpur is a place that is hidden in the hilly terrains which promise to be an ideal weekend getaway. On the other hand, the prospect of Sakleshpur trek is another major attraction for those adventure junkies out there. There are numerous Sakleshpur stay options, and hence one can enjoy to the fullest extent.

Sakleshpur photoPhoto by bikashdas

A brief overview of this place

The setting of the hamlet of this place is in such a manner that it would serve as an ideal place where the tired tourists can ward off their worries. If you like to appreciate the beauty of skies and green fields, then this place is a perfect location to do so. Moreover, the greenery and the atmosphere that is present in this place is a balm to the eyes of the travelers. The sights of soothing green woods and moss-ridden ruins are enough to make you feel fresh after a tiring week at the office. On the other hand, the undulating hills also make for a perfect sight that is hard to ignore in the present days. The name of this place was derived from a broken Shivalinga, and hence you can also visit the temple that is located within the town of this place.

Sakleshpur photoPhoto by bikashdas

The attractive prospect of pursuing the Sakleshpur trek

As a traveler, one must always look forward to seeking the famous Sakleshpur trek. It is so because the trek in this place promises to be an action-packed trip. The trek to this place fort is filled with fun. Moreover, trekking in the lap of Mother Nature is always an alluring aspect. Hence, one should still look forward to trek in this tiny hamlet of this place. One can also trek to the temple that is located in this place. It is a temple where you would find the insides chilling even if the temperature outside the temple is quite hot. You can also trek to the nearby Manjehalli Waterfalls for an enthralling experience. The trek to the Sakleshpur fort is also filled with a lot of thrilling adventures.

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A brief overview of the Sakleshpur fort

Tipu Sultan built the Sakleshpur fort in the year 1700. The Sakleshpur fort is star-shaped and hence it has a unique architectural ecstasy added to it. The Sakleshpur fort is a magnificent fort that had crucial strategic importance against the British. You would be fascinated to know that the this place fort provides a hawk-eye view of the forested valleys. Another main attraction of visiting this place lies in the fact that the trekking trails can take you up to the Subramanian temple. Some of the trekking trails in the vicinity of this place are full with various hindrances. Hence, it is best advised to take a guide along with you. The guide can play a crucial role in making sure that you are safe. The Sakleshpur stay options can also arrange guides for you who would help you to explore the place in a better manner.

Sakleshpur photo

Photo by bikashdas

The options of Sakleshpur stay

One can always pitch tents in the trekking trails if they are fanatics of adventurism. However, if you are with your family, then the best place to stay is in the nearby resorts. These resorts would be an ideal place where you can ward all your tiredness. You can also select Sakleshpur visit if you are a lover of luxurious things. As it is still in its developing stages, the place of Sakleshpur is an ideal town where you can dispose all your tensions. As an adventure seeker, this place has a lot to offer. The climatic conditions and the wind speeds are at their ideal best to allure the tourists all year long.

Featured Photo bybikashdas

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