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India celebrates its republic day on 26th January every year. This great event marks the day on which the constitution of India came into existence in the year 1950. On republic day, the country remembers its heroes who fought hard with resistance and non-violence, to shape a democratic country as it is now. The country also celebrates the unity which binds the whole nation containing several languages and cultures.

Independence from the British raj

The British colonial rule had occupied many countries in the past centuries. Though India was not an exception, the freedom fighters of India set an example for a perfect battle with their theories of non-violence.

The British ruled India since 18th century. Indians sought for a self ruling government and small agitations began from the East. They demanded a few civil rights for Indian nationals, and over time a nationwide self rule movement took pace. Soon, people started to fight for freedom and the community united under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi.

Most of the protests adhered to non-violence, resistance and abandoning British products. This thirst for freedom had a high impact on the mind of every common Indian and the best part of it was the “no weapons, no blood” concept.
The British finally gave way for the birth of democratic India on 15th August 1947 which is celebrated as the Independence day. A committee was formed under the leadership of Dr. Ambedkar to frame the constitution of India, which decides the law to be abided by all Indian citizens. After a few years of sincere planning and execution, the constitution of India came into existence on 26th January 1950, which is celebrated as the Republic day of India.

The Republic day celebrations

The Republic day is celebrated for three days and the main events take place at the nation’s capital, New Delhi. The Rashtrapathi Bhavan, where the honourable President of India resides, marks the starting point for parades and march. The events showcase India’s skilled defence unit and they perform with their bands. Other events display various cultural performances from several Indian states.

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The wings of Indian army including the navy and air force participate in the Republic day celebrations, displaying their skills and weapons. India possesses a powerful army unit with updated techniques for enhanced protection.

At schools and other government offices, republic day is celebrated with flag hoisting and sweets. Most common celebrations take place at schools where students are made to participate in various activities. This also helps them to understand the importance of the day and they grow up with the knowledge of their mother land’s history. A tinge of patriotism fills everyone’s heart after attending the republic day celebrations.

Unity in diversity

As depicted in various parades of the national festivals, the country takes its pride in its great unity with which it protects the lives of its citizens. India is made up of twenty nine states and seven union territories. This means there are many different languages spoken across each state and every state has its own cultures, traditions, food, rituals, ceremonies etc. The constitution of India unites all Indian citizens under one single roof and this allows Indians to live in peace and harmony.

It is important for every Indian to know the history and reason behind the celebrations of republic day. It is also our duty to educate next generation about the pain and sacrifice behind the formation of this democratic India. The freedom that we enjoy today is the fruit from the seeds sown by our ancestors. Let us salute our heroes who spent their entire lives to build what we see as India today!

Republic Day Of India

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