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Top Reasons To Visit Bhimlat Waterfalls

Nature has blessed us in so many ways, the lush green forests, the trees, the grass, the sunrise, sunset, the cascading waterfalls, etc. Bhimlat Waterfalls is one such place that makes you feel speechless. This delight is located in the city of palaces Rajasthan occupies a great interest in the heart of travelers.

Bhimlat Waterfalls


Idle Time to visit– The best time to visit this destination is in between June to October, when the monsoon prevails.

Breaking the stereotypical image, this waterfall is located in the state of Rajasthan which is predominantly enveloped by the sand dunes, desert safari, etc. The waterfalls exude a charm of its own during the monsoon season. The 60 m high waterfall renders a great scenic beauty in the horrid heat of Rajasthan. If you are planning to visit this place, don’t miss out this natural wonder. The destination is well-connected by the road and air transport. If you think that there’s nothing that can compete Niagra falls, then plan your journey to Bhimlat.

  • Road: situated 35 kms away from the Chittoor Road
  • Air– You can land at the nearest airport in Kota

Reasons To Visit Bhimlat Waterfalls

Historical Significance– According to the mythology, Bhimlat waterfalls was originated to satiate the thirst of Pandava. This waterfall was created by Bhima, however, the scientific studies point otherwise. It suggests that this waterfall is a consequence of the earthquake that happened long-long ago.

Other nearby places of attraction– After enjoying the enchanting waterfall, the tourists can head towards the shopping bazaars to enjoy the extremely delectable cuisine of Rajasthan. In the evening, the destination looks solitary, with a few scattered lights, but there are  several destinations that are worth visiting like Phool Sagar, Sukh-Mahal, Taragarh Fort, Moti Mahal, Sagar Lake, wild life sanctuaries, to name a few.

Easy to reach-situated in Bundi, the place lies in close proximity to the pink city, Jaipur. The water falls from the height of 60 m and thus makes its path into the sea green lake and amid this desert city, looking this waterfall proves to be the oasis to the eyes. When reaching this splendid waterfall, the tourists will need to cross the longest tunnel of Rajasthan.

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Full of natural beauty– The waterfalls seems to be untouched, unexplored nature wonders. Surrounded by greenery, it is counted as one of the best tourist attractions in Rajasthan. The stunning landscape around this place rejuvenates the inner spirit and new opportunity for the seasoned photographers to click the images.

Thanks to the geographical location of India, there are so many majestic and powerful waterfalls located here. Bhimlat is one among them. This cascading waterfall not only provides an enchanting experience to the visitors but is worth visit.  So, for all the nature lovers, visiting to this waterfall would prove to be a refreshing experience. This summer holiday, pack up your bags, book your tickets and head to the city of palaces Rajasthan. The place has more to offer than you think.

Featured Photo: Yosemite Waterfall by Phan Ly under CC BY-ND 2.0 (Representational)

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