Raksha Bandhan

Gamha Purnima

With Inputs from Rini Siddiqui

Rakhi 3As with most Festivals of India, each festival takes it own form in every region and state. Rini Siddiqui gives us insight into a varying form of Rakhi celebration in Odisha (erstwhile Orissa).

Rini says, India is a country of diversities & as you move from one part to the other the color and meaning of each celebration takes a turn. In parts of Odisha, one of the eastern States of India, this festival of Raksha Bandhan is celebrated as Gamha Purnima. On this day the domesticated cow is worshipped by the family. The cow is given a traditional bath early in the morning and a garland made of fresh flowers is put around its neck. Traditional “Pithas” are made by the lady of the house which is then fed to the animal. Many people take pleasure in decorating the cow with colours and bells as well.

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