Rajasthali – The Beautiful And Colorful Market In Udaupir

Rajasthan, the state of royal Kings and Queens. Every district of Rajasthan has some stories to tell. Having a trip to Rajasthan with your family, friends, partner, or without any company is a real blessing. Do visit Rajasthan once in your lifetime. And in Rajasthan, to the City of Lakes “Udaipur.” Udaipur has been the top cities of Rajasthan having a large number of tourists every year. People from all over India and outside India visit the town to see the handicrafts and beautiful lakes. Udaipur is full of shopping markets. Numerous street shopping markets with a lot of artistic variety of products. One such Beautiful and colorful market is Rajasthali.

Rajasthali is a government authorized emporium. The name of the market is related to the state Rajasthan. The market tends to represent the traditional culture of the country with the art and craft of hard-working artisans. The city has such an artistic craftsmen whose products are the hot sellers. People from all over the world visit this market for their handicraft work. Every piece of handicraft has some peculiar features depicting the royal and traditional Rajasthani culture. Rajasthali is among the most crowded markets of Udaipur. You would see the buzzing of tourists and vendors for every hour of the day. It is considered as the best street shopping market of Udaipur. You will get a variety of handcrafted artistic stuff for very budget-friendly prices. You cannot bargain for rates as the market has fixed costs. The vendors are very polite and wear a smile as their ornament, which brings more tourists to the market. On Sundays, the market remains closed, but you can visit it on all the other days between 10:30 am to 7 pm.

Location: The location of the market is such that you can easily reach it from almost anywhere in Udaipur. Rajasthali is located at the center of the Udaipur city, so it is connected to every corner of the town. You can choose your mode of transportation accordingly. You can also go for public transports, which would be cheaper from other sources.

Significance: Rajasthali is one of the most visited street shopping markets in Udaipur. It has its significant importance with beautiful artistic and traditional work.

  • The market is famous for its handicraft items. These items provide insight into the rich heritage of Rajasthan.
  • The craftwork of Rajasthali market will surely take your heart. Here you will get a large variety of crafts made up of Brass alloy. They look lovely and eye-catching.
  • You will also find some unique items made using mirrors. These attract visitors from a distance too. You cannot hold back yourself from buying these items.
  • Artistic marble work could also be seen in the market. These items can be used as home décor or can also be gifted some loved ones.
  • Terracotta work is also exquisite. You will find various stuff formed using terracotta such as jewelry, decors, handcrafted items, etc.
  • There are vendors who do sell precious and semi-precious stones. You can also try them.
  • The most colorful element of the market is the vibrant designer clothes with traditional embroidery and prints. The designs also include the Rajasthani folk dances, heritage monuments, implications of queens, etc. You can get the colors of Mewar in this market.
  • It is also considered as the best place for jewelry shopping, especially for junk ones.
  • The Rajasthani Jutis and Mojris are also very enchanting.
  • You will also find puppets, pottery, paintings, and traditional turbans.

We hope you are excited to the hit the streets of this beautiful and colourful market. Do share your experience with us in the comments section below.

Featured Photo of ‘India – Colours of India – 011b – Pots for sale’ by McKay Savage under CC BY 2.0

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