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Raghupur Fort, A Mystical Getaway For Everybody

Travel is life’s biggest gifts. It enriches you, strengthens you and broadens your mind. It also shows you parts of the world you didn’t think existed. Among such enriching places, stands Raghupur Fort, a silent warrior in Himachal Pradesh.

Jalori Pass photo
Shoja to Jalori by Travelling Slacker/CC BY 2.0

Living an urban life can be very taxing. Between work, commute, families, responsibilities and adulthood, we barely get time to breathe. Weekends are a blur of errands, catching up with friends and your sleep. For most of us, vacations and trips are a much-needed escape from this drudgery. We plan and await this blissful time eagerly. Now that the year is ending, you have time to introspect and plan something. If you want a break or respite from daily life and routine, look no further. We have the ideal place and suggestion for you in mind. Whether it’s for a winter break or for next summer, Himachal Pradesh can suit everyone and their needs.

Families or couples with children want pleasant weather, friendly accommodation, and good food. These can be found everywhere in Himachal Pradesh but mainly in Shimla, Manali, Kasauli and the bigger towns. There are activities and attractions for the children to remain entertained. Parents can also take a breather as they watch the sunrise and set over wide valleys. For the sports enthusiast, the state offers hiking, trekking, camping, parasailing, bungee jumping, and rappelling. Himachal Pradesh has one of the best adventure sports facilities available for travelers and tourists. Adrenaline junkies and adventurous souls love coming here during summer and early winter. You can test yourself and push your limits by hiking or trekking challenging slopes and peaks. If you are just looking for solitude, quiet and peace, you can find that too. There are little hamlets, small villages with charming homestays where you can experience rural life at its finest.

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Jalori Pass photo
Shoja to Jalori by Travelling Slacker/CC BY 2.0 

A rare and well-kept secret is Jalori Pass. Located in Kullu, it has been untouched by the throngs of tourists. The tiny village is idyllic and nestled between green cover. You can access it by road as it makes for an exciting road trip. Take your time, take pictures and savor the view. Jalori Pass has activities like hiking, walking, camping and fishing for tourists to try. Among attractions, the major ones remain Raghupur Fort. A Himachali fort, only the ruins, and remains standing today. Situated in a meadow, Raghupur Fort has strategic views of the Seraj Valley. Jalori Pass and nearby villages are known for the woodwork and artistry. Raghupur Fort is mainly made of stone and pieces remain to signify that. The history of this place has been lost in the annals of time. Maybe it was a defensive castle made by a local king or ruler. Or a residence for rulers and lords. There is a 3-kilometer hike towards the Fort and the views are astounding. You should wear comfortable clothing and proper shoes. The hike is strenuous but still safe for beginners. Trekkers will be able to see sturdy Cedars, Pines, and Oaks standing proudly and providing shade. There is a small temple in the fort and you can pay your respects to the local deity.

Once you reach the fort, you can see as far as the Dhauladhar Range and enjoy incomparable views. The meadow is quiet and comfortable for camping and living a night under the starry sky. You can hire a guide to help navigate the trek if you wish. Camping accessories such as tents, lights, and mattresses are available in the village. Carry enough food and water to last you the night if you decide to camp.

The Serolsar Lake also lies close to the fort is an amazing place to rest, catch a sunrise or sunset and refresh.

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Featured Photo of Shoja to Jalori by Travelling Slacker/CC BY 2.0

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