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Purulia is one of those areas which are fast gaining popularity as an emerging tourist spot among national tourists. If you are a resident of West Bengal and want some fresh air, then this place can form an ideal weekend getaway. This area is well associated with the nation and serves as a perfect breakaway from the hectic lifestyle. Purulia has a majestic landscape, and it is sure to take away a lot of your daily stress. The tranquility in the air is enough to make you feel relaxed which would further rejuvenate your mind to undertake daily challenges.  In the past few years, this place has witnessed a surging number of travelers mainly from Kolkata and other parts of the country that come here to unwind. This is the reason that a lot of tourist hotels have been developed in the area.

The aspects of visiting Purulia in your weekend

Purulia is an abode of natural beauty as per many tourist accounts. It is important to note that some of the best tourist destinations of Bengal are located in this place. The crimson red soil and the lush green surroundings have much to offer to the tourists. It is a place that is resplendent with beautiful water bodies and dense green forests. It also comprises of various historical locations that can serve as a window to the past glory of the state of Bengal. The Purulia Lake is also a haven for the likes of birdwatchers. It is home to various migratory birds and as an avid birdwatcher; you can always visit this place on the weekend. It can also be said that this place is not only a tourist destination; Purulia is also a favorite ecotourism spot. There are various types of accommodation facilities obtainable for a vacationer. However, the reservation for rest houses of the government opens in advance.

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The thrilling aspect of visiting the Ajodhya Hills

The Ajodhya Hills has located 50 kilometers away from the peaceful town of Purulia. It is a popular tourist destination. The Ajodhya Hills comprises of woody hills with table land on top. You would find a plethora of small streams flowing to meet significant rivers on the west. The view from the top of the Ajodhya Hills is merely fascinating. In this context, it is vital to note that two waterfalls flow from both sides of the mountains and renders it an exquisite look. It is one of those hills that are a favorite place for young mountaineers. They visit this part of Bengal to undertake a basic course in rock climbing.

The prospect of visiting the Murguma Dam

It is important to note that Murguma is a tribal village that is situated in the district of Purulia. Quite interestingly, this place lies in the border region of Jharkhand and Purulia. One can also take long walks in the evening on the rustic village road. The Murguma Dam is an ideal place where you can spend your weekend fishing. It is one of those places where you would be at peace with your inner self. The winter season is a perfect time if you want to visit this site. It is resplendent with a lot of natural beauty and is also famous for its dam. You can also find various types of accommodation facilities in this area.

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Visit the Panchakot Raj Palace to witness past grandeur

If you are one of those individuals who like to see the majesty of previous dynasties, then opt for visiting the Panchakot Raj Palace. It is one of those palaces that were built by the Zamindar of Panchakot. It is an ideal place where you can find a lot of terracotta carvings. It is also one of those places where you can witness the age-old tradition of folk music and dance. In other words, if you want a lavish treatment, then do folk to this place on your next visit to Purulia. It is well connected to the city of Kolkata.

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Purulia – A Place With All Its Magnificence Can Be Your Weekend Getaway

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