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I have been to Puri many times, and also visited this extremely popular temple of India the Puri Jagannath Temple. Puri is located on the coast of the Bay of Bengal and it is around 60 kilometers from the city Bhubaneshwar. A few days before I came to know about some really amazing facts about the Jagannath Temple, these facts have made me so curious that I decided to pen them down into words. When I call the Jagannath temple a bag full of secrets, I mean that there are many questions associated with this temple which have no answers and yet mysterious and unanswered. Would you want to know more? Then keep reading 🙂

Puri: One Of The Char Dhamas

Heard of Char Dham? There are four pilgrimage sites in our country India, these pilgrimage sites are widely respected among the Hindus. The Char Dhamas comprises of Rameshwaram, Badrinath, Puri and Dwarka. Visitng the Char Dhamas once on a life time is considered to be highly sacred by the Hindus.

Puri is an exceptionally lovely little city sited in the beautiful state of Orrisa, is also a very popular tourist destination. It attracts large amount of visitors mainly for two reasons, one is for its magnificent beach and the second is this very grand temple which is a bag full of secrets. The Puri Jagannath Temple is considered to be one of the most holy and blessed destinations in India. For the Hindus it is a place of pilgrimage. Visiting this temple is an amazing experience not just for the pilgrims but even for the tourist.

Wonders of the Puri Jagannath Temple

Do you think all facts have an explanation? Reading through the below facts will make you inquisitive to have one but sadly these are still secrets. Check out some unexplained facts about the Puri Jagannath Temple.

1. The Mysterious Flag

The flag which is located right on top of the dome of the Jagannath Temple is always noticed to wave in the direction right opposite the winds direction.

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2. The Ancient Ritual

The flag continues to raise so many questions in our mind, and on top of that there is a ritual which is older than a civilization now but still followed. Everyday a priest climbs around 65 meters to reach the top of the temple. He climbs daily to change the flag, it is believed that if this ritual is not completed, then the temple should be kept closed for the next 18 years. Now how does that sound, there are no answers or science backed up with this ritual.

3. The Sudarshan Chakra

There are two facts associated with the Sudarshan Chakra, one is that this 20 feet high Sudarshan Chakra is visible from almost every corner of Puri. The installation of this Chakra is such that if feels that the Sudarshan Chakra is actually facing you all the time, mind it you can hide from this Chakra. The second fact is about the mysterious technique of installing this Chakra. Even today the techniques and engineering used is a mystery and unknown. The Sudarshan Chakra was installed around 2000 years ago.

4. The Genius Engineering

The construction of this temple deserves an applause. This genius engineering has ensured the that the temples main dome’s shadow is never observed. I mean that at any time of the day, the shadow of the dome is totally invisible.

5. What’s Cooking Prasadam or Mystery?

Again there are two untold secrets or mysteries associated with the Prasadam of Jagannath Temple. One is about the cooking procedure. You will be surprised to know about the procedure, the prasadam is cooking in 7 separate pots. These pots are kept for cooking on the firewood, one on top of the other. The twist is that the top most pot cooks first and then it is followed by the other pots below it in order. The mystery of this cooking process is still a secret. The second mystery about the prasadam is about the quantity of the prasadam which is cooked. Irrespective of the count of the devotees, the same quantity of prasadam is cooked every day (anytime of the year). Surprisingly the prasadam is always sufficient for the devotees, it is neither more nor less. So it never goes insufficient or wasted.

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6. Hear The Mysterious Waves Of The Jagannath

There are 4 doors in the Jagannath temple, Simhadwaram is the name of the main door to enter this temple. One can clearly hear the sound of the waves of the ocean on entering the Simhadwaram. But the moment you turn and walk back towards the same direction you came from, the waves can no more be heard. That sounds creepy doesn’t it?

7. Nothing Can Fly Above The Jagannath Temple

Be it the birds or the planes, for some spooky reason none can fly above this mysterious temple. Even science has failed to answer this weird fact.

I am sure by now you too have become equally curious like I did. Do explore this legendary temple, why wait until the mystery is over. Who knows you might find some answer on your visit to the great Jagannath Temple.

Photo by Achilli Family | Journeys

Puri Jagannath Temple: A Bag Full Of Secrets

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