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Located on the southernmost tip of the Indian Peninsula, this is the southern tip of Cardamom Hills of mainland India. Kanyakumari has situated nearby the Western Ghats and bounded through the Laccadive or the Lakshadweep Sea in the southwest area, also southeast then south of the city. From the ancient times, Kanykamurai is very celebrated for its chief centers of culture, sculptures and religion. The Kanyakumari city beach is the only beach in the world where you might discover equally the sunrise as well as sunset.

The city’s beaches are also the only beaches in the world where you can experience both sunrise and the sunset. The numerous temples of Tamil Nadu in this gorgeous city are visited by thousands of travelers and the perfect beaches fascinate a gigantic number of visitors to the city. KanyaKumari is moreover a region of great trade as well as commerce. You have the greatest places one might sightsee in Kanyakumari.

Kanyakumari Temple

Kanyakumari Temple is too denoted to as Bhagvaty Amman Temple plus it is unique of the 108 Shakti Peetha in Hindu mythos. Across India, this temple is very famous and major Hindu temples together with this the temple has been stated in nearly every ancient Hindu scripture. The temple is always damp packed by numerous of pilgrims every year and the temple’s structural design is too exclusive.

Vivekananda Rock Memorial

Vivekananda Rock Memorial is situated 100 meters from the shore and it always stands to be the classic iconic monuments in KanyaKumari. This place will mostly cover the major tourist attraction spot by the pilgrims. You can reach the small rock island by the means of a ferry and comprises of two major structures. You will be able to observe thousands of frequented tourists in the main memorial complex of Vivekananda Mandapam and the Shripada Mandapam.

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Suchindrum which is the temple town is situated far 11 kilometers from the Kanyakumari city. You will realize that these temples here are constructed in the typical Dravidian grace and are decorated with gigantic gopurams that are usually distinctive of every Dravidian temple. The utmost high gopuram is about134 feet also the interior of the temples sport many good-looking rock scratch pillars plus doorways. Since Suchindrum is a prehistoric temple town each year you will notice a vast number of pilgrims.

Padmanabhapuram Palace

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The ancient granite castle is the dwelling of the Rulers of Travancore then was built around 1601 AD. The Palace complex covers numerous significant structures which are the King’s council Chamber, elegant Thai Kottaram otherwise called the Mother’s palace then the Natakasala or else the home of performances and much more. The fort likewise holds a minor museum that covers numerous articles from the ancient times and several weapons like swords then daggers, sculptures, Chinese jars and a surplus of woody furniture.

Thiruvalluvar Statue

There is a statue for the Saint Poet Thiruvalluvar that is massively 133 feet tall. Saint Thiruvalluvar is one of the best Tamil poets in India. When to take Asia, it is considered to be the one of the biggest ever and was showcased in the year of 2000, January 1.

The foundation of the sculpture is creatively styled as well as decorated through 10 elephants that indicate the different directions. Making a portion of the significant state of Travancore and a foremost ethnic and sacred hub since the Sangam period, with no doubt when you visit India you should not miss Kanyakumari. Maybe the above-mentioned places are few from Kanyakumari yet these places are utmost widely held places in Kanyakumari and also the foremost charms of India.

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Popular Places To Visit In KanyaKumari

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