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Poovar Island – A Scenic Place In Kerala

Kerala, God’s own country, is gifted with one of the spectacular beaches and beautiful villages frequented by innumerable tourists from various parts of the world. Poovar is one such stunning village embellished with enigmatic beauty. Located at the coasts of the River Neyyar, it is the residence of the fishermen community of Kerala. The village is easily accessible from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala and Kovalam. The serenity of the beach resort is now a traveler’s paradise with its crystal clear backwaters and the golden sand beach. 

The Origin of Poovar Village or Island

The River Neyyar starts from the hills of Agastyakoordam, located very near Thiruvananthapuram. It flows through an approximate distance of 56 km to finally meet the mighty Arabian Sea. At the confluence of the river and the sea, sand and mud form an estuary which has resulted in the stunning Poovar Island. 

Main Attractions of the Poovar Beach

The uniqueness of the Poovar Beach lies in the amalgamation of a pristine lake, the sparkling river backwaters, the tranquility of the beach and the sea. It is a rare sight which you will not witness in many travel destinations. The experience is incredible as your eyes stretch across the horizon observing the incredible beauty of nature. You can engulf the beauty more by riding on a rowing boat or a motor boat across the glittering waters. 

You can opt to stay overnight at the resorts near the beach and spend a relaxed time in the close vicinity of the calm atmosphere. The resorts provide good views of the beach, backwaters and the Arabian Sea. You can even meditate at the shores of the lake and transform your minds into a world of divinity. It is a charming experience, away from the anxieties and tensions of daily life. 

The beach is super neat and clean, an ideal place to immerse into the beauty of Mother Nature with family and friends. If you want to spend a quiet weekend or vacation then the Poovar beach is perfect, away from the crowded city life. A key attraction of Poovar Island is the backwaters. It is a delight for the bird watchers as the place is the residence for the local and migratory birds. Birds like herons, kingfishers, cranes, Brahminy Kites, the Cormorant eagles. 

Activities to do in Poovar Beach

The Kerala government permits a few adventurous water activities at the beach. Since the waters are calm and the beach is serene, the best activity is swimming. Surfing, kayaking or snorkeling are not conducted by any private companies or government officials. So if you are looking for the only adventure then you may not find it here. It is a place to relax and engage your mind into the magnificence of nature. However, the Kerala government is planning to start paragliding at the beach. Y

Birdwatching is the best activity done at the beach. The air is filled with the chirping sounds of the birds. It is great to watch the water birds wading and diving across the waters to catch fish. 

Best time to visit Poovar Island

The best time to visit the Poovar island is during the monsoons. The months between September and March are the ideal for visiting the island. The weather is pleasant and comfortable with greenery prevailing everywhere. The humidity is less for the tourists to enjoy the beauty of the island and the beach.

How to reach Poovar Island?

The island is accessible from the prominent cities of Kerala by road. You can hire a cab or travel by private or public buses to reach the island. The nearest railway station is at Thiruvananthapuram and the airport is Trivandrum International Airport. From both the railway station and the airport, cabs are available for hire to reach the island.

Traveler’s Tips before planning for a visit to the Poovar Island

  • Wear light cotton clothes to enjoy the soothing breeze of the beach
  • Do not forget your swimming attire and accessories or you will miss relaxing in the calm beach waters
  • Wear sunglasses and hat and apply sunscreen lotions for protection against the sun rays
  • Carry beach sandals to walk comfortably on the beach
  • If you are a vegetarian then you must carry foods with you as the restaurants mainly specialize in nonveg dishes

Poovar Island is a perfect weekend getaway amid the scintillating beauty of the panoramic landscape. The mystic scenery enchants the mind and soul. If you are visiting Kerala, then you must not miss the beautiful Poovar Island. We often crave to spend a silent few days in the vicinity of nature. The regular humdrum of life snatches away the peace and calmness in your lives. Poovar Island will offer you refreshment and peace with its enthralling beauty. You can immerse yourself into the scenic marvel of nature for a perfectly tranquil environment.

Featured “Photo Of sky – sea – sand – backwaters – boat – bird – trees – island” By { pranav } Under CC BY 2.0


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