Police Bazaar, Shillong’s Shopping Hub

If you ever visit the North-East state of Meghalaya, also known as the “abode of the clouds” you shall sure be spending some time shopping in its capital city – Shillong. When in Shillong, Police Bazaar is a must visit place for a great shopping experience and also enjoy some local hospitality.

Police Bazaar is a well-known shopping centre and the main market of Shillong where people from all over Meghalaya and tourists come for shopping. There are big shops and roadside vendors selling a number of products. Most days the place is buzzing with activities and crowd. It is easily reachable from all parts of Shillong by taxis or buses.

What can you shop for in Police Bazaar?

Shillong photo
Police Bazaar by ashwin kumar under CC BY-SA 2.0

Police Bazaar has a mix of shops, which sell everyday-use stuff and Meghalaya specialities. The shops sell all important items needed for every day living from food, cloths, woollen wear, electronic items, medicines, cosmetics, bakery items, grocery and much more.

If you want to check out some imported and stylish woollen wear, you may get them in this market at much cheaper price than available in metros. The road side vendors too have a plethora of winter-wear – from woollen scarves, sweaters, leather jackets, woollen socks, gloves, caps, which are quite good bargains.

When in Meghalaya, you would want to carry some souvenirs back home and you can get lot of eco-friendly local handicraft options made of bamboo or cane. There are private handicraft dealers and even government run emporiums where you can get the state’s tribal art-craft products.

There are elegant table-top show pieces, lampshades, hanging décor items, mats, to adore your home and hand woven shawls, ethnic jackets, traditional Khasi dresses for women, trendy head gears, trinkets, earrings and necklaces made of bamboo for the quirk loving fashionista in you.  If you don’t want to carry a lot of stuff, then you may find some street vendors selling cheap bamboo arrows and smaller bamboo-cane items, which can be beautiful souvenirs from the state.

The most popular shops to get abundant options in artefacts and textiles in Police Bazaar are Meghalaya Handlooms & Handicrafts, Assam Emporium, Khadi Gram Udyog, Glory’s Plaza and Grand Bazaar.

Food & music

Shillong photo
Laughing ladies at Shillong’s market by hern42 under CC BY-SA 2.0

For the foodies, who love to cook as well you can get various organic fruit products like jams, juices, dried fruits, etc here. Also, there are fish and pork pickles for the non-vegetarian food lovers.

If you get exhausted walking the narrow lanes of Police Bazaar while shopping, then you can go and chill in any one of the many restaurants there for some delicious meal and good music. There are both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food options available at the restaurants, just be careful with the spicy options. You get continental, Chinese, Thai, local delicacies and even Marwari thali in the restaurants at Police Bazaar.

Shillong is a city known for its local rock musicians, and if you are lucky you may get the chance to see a live band performance. Some restaurants like the Citizen Hotel Restaurant has local rock bands playing mostly on Fridays.

Transport to travel across North-East

Police Bazaar is also the place from where you can get transportation to travel to other North-Eastern states like Assam, Arunachal Pradesh and even travel within Meghalaya. You can get state buses, luxury coaches, private taxis, share taxis from here at reasonable rates.

So when you plan a trip to Meghalaya, do not miss out on this buzzing Police Bazaar of Shillong and experience a little bit of local life.

Featured Photo: Some ladies at Shillong’s market by hern42 under CC BY-SA 2.0

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