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Papi Hills – The Unheard Hill Station Of The Eastern Ghats

India has many popular tourist spots. We all hear about places like Kashmir, Manali, Darjeeling, Ooty, Kanyakumari and Jaipur but there are a few places in India which not many people know about and they are still yet to be explored. In this article, I would be talking about one particular hidden gem which is situated in the eastern ghats of India. Papikundalu or commonly known as Papi Hills is located in Andhra Pradesh. It is one of the best hill stations in the Eastern Ghats and in this article we would be talking about all the unheard things about this place.

Papi Hills – The Unheard Hill Station Of The Eastern Ghats

papi hills photo
“Photo of PapiKondalu” by Amar PR under CC BY 2.0

1. The experience

All those people who have been to this place have accepted the fact that just reaching this place gives you a great adventure. All those of you who are enthusiasts and have the passion and zeal for travelling – Papi Hills is the place you want to be right now. The combination of 3 hills makes the Papi Hills and the view from the Godavari River would alone make you realize the thing which has been missing from your life. Absolute serenity! This is what Papi hills have in its stores for you.

2. How to get here?

Getting here is a challenge. If you are a person who is up for challenges then Papi Hills is made for you. Generally, when we want to reach a particular place we go by flights, trains or road trips. In the case of Papi Hills, all 3 of the popular choices are out of question. You see Papi hills are not connected by roads; in order to reach this place, you will need to arrange a boat.

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3. How to make travel arrangements?

In order to reach Papi Hills, the best thing which you can do is to reach either of the 2 villages – Rajamundhry or Bhadrachalam. From these places, you would be able to manage boats which will take you to Papi Hills. If you take a boat from Rajamundhry then it should take you anywhere between 6-8 hours to reach the destination while if you got to Bhadrachalam then it would take you 3-4 hours. When you reach here to make sure you try and ask the people about the travel agencies here. The travel agencies not only help you with your travelling arrangements but they also help you with your lodging.

4. Patiseema Temple

If you visit Papi Hills from Rajamundhry then you can ask your boat captain to stop at the famous Patiseema Temple. Visiting a temple on an island is not something which you get to do on a daily basis.

5. Lodging

Well, if you are a person who likes to stay in 5-star hotels then Papi Hills is not made for you. If you are going to this place then you would need to dwell in bamboo huts. Honestly, if you don’t stay in these huts you won’t get the raw experience it might steal away the charm of this place. The travel agencies make the food arrangements so you don’t have to worry about that particular section.

6. Overall Experience

Like I said before, this place is made for travel enthusiasts. It is not made for everyone. This place is not connected by roads and you can’t even make calls here as cellular connections are not available. If you need to make a call you would need to carry a satellite phone or use the one which the villagers have. The lodging experience is really good, it feels as if you are in your home with a little special attention. The village is not very populated so if you are looking for a place for a little peace and serenity then Papi Hills is the place you need to visit.

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This place is unlinked with the rest of the world; a place which some people desperately look for. If you want a few days to break from everything; Papi Hills might be the perfect destination for you. So, these are the 6 things you need to know about the unheard hill station of the eastern ghats – Papi Hills.

Featured Photo of “A path down the hill that Papi did NOT take” by Tobias Eigen under CC BY 2.0

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