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Your Shopping Guide To Pansari Bazar In Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer is a place with a lot of character, a beautiful yellow stone that reflects the sunlight. The entire town has a golden feel in the afternoon. Jaisalmer is referred as a paradise for Shopaholics, tourists (especially for those looking for authentic Rajasthani items), and regular window shoppers as well. Unlike high-end boutiques, shopping malls, and designer labels found in metropolitan cities, shopping in Jaisalmer is a completely different experience to all travelers alike.

The famous markets of the city give you a complete tour of the rustic charm of the Golden City. The age-old traditional markets of Jaisalmer enable the Shopaholics to savor the essence of the ancient Rajasthani culture, for which the travelers from around the world flock to this colorful paradise. When strolling down the street markets in Jaisalmer, you will come across many antique shops. From brassware showpieces to copper pots and a lot more, the items available in these shops may seem less expensive from outside. However, when you go inside, you will be pleased with the amount spent on these items.

Jaisalmer is famous for special and exquisite mirror-work embroidered garments, unique camel hair carpets, old stonework items, oil lamps, colorful fabrics, silver jewelry, silk textiles, wooden items, and blankets. All these items can be availed at very reasonable prices.

Pansari Bazaar, Jaisalmer

There’s no better place to shop than the oldest market in the city – Pansari Bazaar. Commonly and popularly referred as the villager’s market, Pansari bazaar puts forward exquisite ethnic and traditional items in huge varieties and quantities. This is the best place if you are looking for some typical Jaisalmer goodies like puppets, bells, and wall hangings. The colors, patterns, prints, and materials are just marvelous. With such wide-ranging variety of knickknacks to choose from, you will surely take back a bit of Rajasthan with you when leaving Jaisalmer.

How to reach Pansari Bazaar

The Pansari bazaar is located just 1.5km from the Jaisalmer railway station and 0.2 km from the Jaisalmer Fort. You can book a cab from the railway station or use public transport, like rickshaws, to reach the bazaar. Pansari bazaar is its own landmark and easy to reach from any part of Jaisalmer.

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The market is open from 10.00 AM to 6.00 PM. You can visit any time between these hours depending upon your schedule and the weather.

There is no best visiting time or “no rush” hours as there is all day rush in the market.

What to Buy?

As you have a glance at the cloth-made dolls decked in colorful ghagras and Cholis, you instantly know that you are in the heart of Rajasthan. Puppet shows are one of the most famous ways of storytelling in Rajasthan. This market sells these puppets that can be taken back as a true memory of Rajasthan.

Being the oldest bazaar in Jaisalmer that has retained its historic and cultural appeal is quite evident in the assortment of wares on offer. Old handicrafts, ethnic wear, wall hangings, and traditional footwear (mojari) are just some of the treasures to be found here.

You can also buy some beautiful handicrafts produced locally in Jaisalmer. Some of the most popular items that you should check out include bed covers, cushion covers, tribal costumes, colorful bags, antique textiles, and curtains. The market is famous for special colored prints and patterns.

Besides the interesting shopping items, there are also the delicious local eats at every nook, which makes it a win-win experience.

Pro Tip

Make sure to carry cash since most of the vendors do not accept card payment. Pansari bazaar also tests your bargaining skills. The shopkeepers in this bazaar quote a higher price purposely, knowing that the buyer is going to bargain for sure.

Featured Photo: Jaisalmer by devajyoti_sarkar under CC BY-SA 2.0

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